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Obama Supports Gay Marriage! He Also Supports Palestinian Statehood

The gay community in America and around the world in general are in a fit of excitement with the announcement Wednesday afternoon by President Obama that he supports the legalization of same-sex marriage.
Gay organizations and supporters are making such a fuss about this announcement, it’s as if they think this means same-sex marriage will be realistic soon in America, well let me wake my fellow gays up by saying president Obama also supports UN resolution 242 which calls for the end to the Israel/Palestine conflict and the creation of a Palestinian state. To those who might not understand what I mean by such a comparison, let me elaborate ! What I am saying is just because Obama says he supports something does not mean it’s going to happen for instance he says he supports resolution 242 but in reality he has his UN ambassador veto the resolution the past 3 years proving that he says one thing while in reality doing another in order to keep the votes and political donations from influential donors whether they be influential members of the Jewish community when Its Israel in discussion or whether it’s influential donors of a conservative background when issues like gay marriage or abortion are the subject.

It is unwise for lgbt organizations to jump to the conclusion that same-sex marriage will be evident soon just because Obama supports it in words, after all we must remember there is a huge Christian conservative vote in the US and right now there is an even bigger anti-Obamaconservative vote, and these anti-Obama proponents of influence, like Sean hannity of fox news will do whatever is in their power to oppose gay marriage on two reasons, firstly because they see gay marriage as a step in the “destruction of marriage and an unnatural evil” they also will oppose it simply so they don’t have suppport “the socialist marxist” Obama !
Yes you might be thinking “do Americans oppose certain policy because it’s supported by certain politicians?” well yes American conservatives particularly those in high places of power will oppose legislation supported by Obama on the grounds he’s a democrat and black, it’s not a theory it’s fact just watch American tv or read American newspapers

Also another rarely spoken fact is the fact of “liberal Europe“, you see Europe sees itself as the mature more tolerant older brother of the US, and there is noway in hell European leaders are going to let the US legalize gay marriage before them, because there is noway Europe and it’s leaders can be seen to be less intolerant than the religiously conservative America, especially when Europeans like to boast of their higher level of tolerance and liberalism than that of Americans! so If same-sex marriage is to be legalized in the USA then you should be waiting for Europe to do it first, and when Europe legalizes it then lgbt organizations should be getting excited, because it will show two things, first that Europe as a whole has moved on a lot since the decriminalization of homosexuality 20 years ago and secondly it will give a sign that the American administration is making moves in the same direction because there is a simple egotistical fact of modern western politics and that is their obsession with be seen as most liberal and democratic, Europe can’t be seen as less democratic and liberal than American and visa versa, so when one of them makes a move you can quickly expect the other to follow.
So I say again do not get over excited just because president Obama says he supports same-sex marriage, as I said at start and in title, he also says he supports resolution 242 but in reality vetoes it’s implementation which has resulted in the Palestinians living in squalid conditions of oppression, occupation, poverty etc. For 4decades.
I write this article in response to the media and social fuss made about Obamas announcement and also because of personally hearing friends get their hopes up when I know better and know there is no meaning behind Obamas words, after all in 2004 he supported same-sex marriage, in 2006 he was undecided, in 2007 and 2008 he was opposed to it and now in 2012 he supports it, all of which he publicly stated during televised interviews and speeches.

So I finish by once again saying relax chill out and don’t be getting excited because the president says something wait till he acts on what he says then get excited, did African Americans get excited when some politician voiced support for them long before the civil rights? No because they where wiser than to believe the false hope giving by a politicians words when their surrounded by a bigger group of voices opposing their rights
After all a politician gets elected and makes a career out of giving words of false hope to citizens who know no better !

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author Darren M

Russia’s Homophobic Problem

In the last few weeks we have heard of pro-gay rights activists in Russia being arrested, it’s gotten so bad they are arresting people who are just pro-gay, activist or not as in the case of Sergey Kondrashov a heterosexual lawyer who has being married 16 years and who was arrested 3 weeks ago for taking a stand in defense of a lesbian family friend, now Sergey faces a day in court for defending the rights of a fellow human being.

It’s sad that Russia has become such a bastion of homophobic activism the past few years, this anti-gay mindset is evident in a new piece of policy put forward that would outlaw the human nature of being gay, it would also pose fines and sentences on Russian literature, news, art and so on that is seen to be pro-gay “propaganda” this could include anything from a gay relationship story-line in a piece of drama or simply an article like this in defense of gay rights, just like the case of the new EA Star Wars game that is being boycotted by anti-gay groups with one boycotter writing on-line  “I urge all parents to keep any EA games from their children to prevent them to be AIDS-spreading”, “Satan-loving scum,” wrote another boycotter.

I am myself a 22-year-old openly gay man and I find this despicable that in the 21st century people are still being discriminated against because of out dated pre-judged stereotypical views.
This Russian anti-gay bill is unfortunately just 1 of a long line of such measures taking throughout history to silence the love of gay couples,

It is about time societies stops looking for a group to focus their hate on, from the Jews to Africans now to gays our societies are always looking for ways to suck the blood from minority groups just so the system can satisfy it’s need to be hateful.

If you would like to show your support for the gay-rights activist in Russian and around the world who are fighting discrimination, demonetization and murder in Russia an around the world then please check out http://www.allout.org and give your support !

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Author-Darren M

The Ignorance Of Being Anti-LGBT

Article In Defence Of LGBT Rights

It’s being a few months since New York legislators’ passed into law the full recognition and legalisation of same-sex marriage, This has resulted in a new international enthusiasm amongst the LGBT community and support groups to pressure world governments into legalising same-sex marriage and other rights that are denied to the LGBT community like the illegality in most nations if not all, of homosexual and bisexual men donating blood or the institutionalised Homophobia that persists in most nations education system, Military, Politics, Media and so on. In this article I will be venting my views on the Bigots, The liars and the misled whose ignorance collaborates to discriminate against me and other members of the LGBT community. I will also give my short opinion on where we have gone wrong in our struggle and what we should do to advance our cause.

I like a lot of LGBT people are annoyed every time I turn on my TV or read a newspaper and see some ignorant politician or social commentator giving the impression that I am inferior to them because I refuse to accept violations of my human rights, What right has anyone in society got to tell another member of society that they are inferior because they refuse to accept violations of their individual rights? , These ignorant baboons openly promote hatred and ignorance towards LGBT people by saying we are a threat to society because if we are allowed to marry we will damage heterosexual marriage which will ultimately destroy the morality of society! I know I know, It’s almost hard to keep a straight face when you read that but it is true, just look at what the Pope said last year in relation to same-sex marriage being a threat to creation “Creatures differ from one another and can be protected, or endangered, in different ways, as we know from daily experience. One such attack comes from laws or proposals which, in the name of fighting discrimination, strike at the biological basis of the difference between the sexes,”. This is a man who heads an international organisation that over the centuries has, raped, murdered, abused and tortured an unknown number of women and children in its “care”, and the Pope has personally being involved with covering up abuse in German dioceses during the 80s, but for some weird reason he is seen by the establishment as a credible social and moral commentator who is only giving a “philosophical” view , but that is not the real problem , what the real problem is , is that a huge number of people look to this man for guidanceso when he says same-sex marriage is a threat to humanity some people in power and in the public believe it to be true so ultimately stand in the way of equality and human-rights, but they don’t see the illegalization of same-sex marriage and other LGBT rights as violations of Human rights because as I said at the start there still exists in most countries a system of institutionalized homophobia , whereas from childhood you are made to believe that any sexual orientation other than heterosexuality is abnormal and sick, even though science has shown this not to be the case.

In America we have right wing religious nut cases that in some political sections even call for LGBT people to be giving therapy to “straighten them out”, take the uneducated bigot that is Tea Party Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachman, whom up till a few weeks ago was one of the favourites to beat Barack Obama, she along with her “closeted homosexual” husband Marcus, run a clinic in their hometown that openly admits to performing therapy on LGBT people in order conform them to “heterosexual ways”. Here is a quote from Michelle Bachman in relation to LGBT people“Little children will be forced to learn that homosexuality is normal and natural and perhaps they should try it.”, This is an exact quote from a person who could possibly become the most powerful person in the worldYet she openly promotes violations of her own citizens rights because she believes their human rights is against her religious beliefs , even though anyone who reads the bible will find Jesus Christ never mentioned homosexuality once, the Christian views on homosexuality where devised between 200-400AD By men who never knew Jesus and took the Roman Empires view against homosexuality which was the ideology at that time.

In my home country of Ireland it was illegal to be LGBT up until 1993 after the government was forced to decriminalize same sex relations after human rights activist David Norris won a 1988 court case against the Irish governments illegalization of same-sex relations, now 18 years later the man who made it legal to be gay in Ireland is favourite to be elected President of Ireland, Proof we have come a long way but we still have a way to go, it is still illegal for same-sex marriage , it is still illegal for gay or bisexual men to donate blood because of possible sexually transmitted disease, even though scientific research has proven this to be a false belief and that it is possible for gay and bisexual men to donate blood as long as they have not had sexual intercourse in 6weeks. This scientific fact has resulted in Britain legalising gay and bisexual blood donations from people void of sex for 2 months. Imagine this, as an Irish citizen if my mother or any other family member was terminally ill and required a blood transfusion from me, I would not be allowed, because I am gay, so ultimately if I am the only person with the same type Blood then the terminally ill relative will be left to die by the system because the establishment thinks my blood is filthy and refuses to open its ignorant eyes to reality and award me rights I shouldn’t be forced to fight for.

It is illegal in most countries for LGBT couples to adopt children as a couple, a violation of the right to parenthood. This policy is upheld by twisting facts to present an argument that LGBT couples are a danger to young children and that children of a LGBT relationship will grow up to be mentally disturbed. Both these ludicrous claims are complete falsehoods created to smear and deny the human rights of LGBT people, It is well accepted amongst social intellects that children of LGBT couples are in less danger than that of heterosexual couples, It is also accepted that the mental state of adolescent children in LGBT family’s is more stable and happy than that of children of heterosexual couples.

The reality is that the majority of all western societies are fully tolerant of LGBT rights, but it is the elite in society who constantly deny our rights, From politicians to church leaders to mainstream media they all collaborate to manipulate democracy so that the views of the majority of the public are ignored in favour of an elitist view that is presented as the voice of the majority but in reality is the voice of the bigoted minority, If citizens had any control over their societies then LGBT rights would be guaranteed long ago, It is time that all progressive and public organisations, LGBT and heterosexual unite to pressurise world governments into accepting the majority view and normalize the public’s view LGBT sexual orientation, Because as long as we criminalize certain aspects of the LGBT lifestyle then we are telling society it is okay to be ignorant and hateful towards LGBT people. This kind of isolation and demonization over the decades has resulted in hundreds of young people committing suicide believing it to be the only way to escape the constant bullying that persists in all societies because of institutionalized discrimination, this outdated policy has also resulted in hundreds of people being murdered, injured, humiliated etc. All because they were born with a sexual orientation that is not the accepted orientation of heterosexuality, which the establishment has persisted in stating is the only natural orientation even though scientific research has proven this to be a falsehood. We need to stand up and not ask nicely or beg for our rights but demand our rights, for too long members of the LGBT community have faced unnecessary and illegal violations of our rights and still we stand quietly hoping that manners will get us our rights, false, We need to start a real grassroots political movement that 365 days a year lobby’s for the rights of LGBT members, Gay Pride is all well and good for enjoying ourselves but it won’t get us our rights, because it is a week of celebrations that once over, results in LGBT concerns fading into the background like any other political deviant to the establishment fades into the background after it makes a short point, As I said we need a REAL dedicated, radical activist movement that every day of the year pressures the government on LGBT rights, We need more open LGBT members in government advocating our rights, We as a unit are a powerful political and social force and we must realise this, If we all united under the one political banner I can guarantee you that every political party will come to us begging for our political support through votes in return for our rights, The LGBT community has many ways to use its power to guarantee our rights but still we have not bothered to use our best weapons, instead we use gay pride, and although I am not complaining about pride and I think it is a great fun expression of our community, I am saying that it won’t get us our rights, a few floats, drag queens and men dressed ultra-camp will not convince any government or public to legalise LGBT rights instead I believe it discredits our cause by portraying the LGBT in a overtly stereotypical way,We need to start being serious in our fight for equality , we can no longer go around portraying a stereotype that the elitists use to discredit our case in the eyes of the public. A system of pure political activism should be the way, led by LGBT and heterosexual people united in the name of equality just like black and white were united in the civil rights movement of the 60s, It is only then when we are portrayed as serious activists and bring our fight to the top that we will win our rights, and that day hopefully will be soon because as I write this people around the globe are starting to put their activism into serious powerful LGBT political organisations, and with a new found enthusiasm since the New York legalization we can now begin to look forward to the day when we are recognised as equal citizens in all aspects. Just let’s hope it’s soon or else!!

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Author-Darren M