Obama Supports Gay Marriage! He Also Supports Palestinian Statehood

The gay community in America and around the world in general are in a fit of excitement with the announcement Wednesday afternoon by President Obama that he supports the legalization of same-sex marriage.
Gay organizations and supporters are making such a fuss about this announcement, it’s as if they think this means same-sex marriage will be realistic soon in America, well let me wake my fellow gays up by saying president Obama also supports UN resolution 242 which calls for the end to the Israel/Palestine conflict and the creation of a Palestinian state. To those who might not understand what I mean by such a comparison, let me elaborate ! What I am saying is just because Obama says he supports something does not mean it’s going to happen for instance he says he supports resolution 242 but in reality he has his UN ambassador veto the resolution the past 3 years proving that he says one thing while in reality doing another in order to keep the votes and political donations from influential donors whether they be influential members of the Jewish community when Its Israel in discussion or whether it’s influential donors of a conservative background when issues like gay marriage or abortion are the subject.

It is unwise for lgbt organizations to jump to the conclusion that same-sex marriage will be evident soon just because Obama supports it in words, after all we must remember there is a huge Christian conservative vote in the US and right now there is an even bigger anti-Obamaconservative vote, and these anti-Obama proponents of influence, like Sean hannity of fox news will do whatever is in their power to oppose gay marriage on two reasons, firstly because they see gay marriage as a step in the “destruction of marriage and an unnatural evil” they also will oppose it simply so they don’t have suppport “the socialist marxist” Obama !
Yes you might be thinking “do Americans oppose certain policy because it’s supported by certain politicians?” well yes American conservatives particularly those in high places of power will oppose legislation supported by Obama on the grounds he’s a democrat and black, it’s not a theory it’s fact just watch American tv or read American newspapers

Also another rarely spoken fact is the fact of “liberal Europe“, you see Europe sees itself as the mature more tolerant older brother of the US, and there is noway in hell European leaders are going to let the US legalize gay marriage before them, because there is noway Europe and it’s leaders can be seen to be less intolerant than the religiously conservative America, especially when Europeans like to boast of their higher level of tolerance and liberalism than that of Americans! so If same-sex marriage is to be legalized in the USA then you should be waiting for Europe to do it first, and when Europe legalizes it then lgbt organizations should be getting excited, because it will show two things, first that Europe as a whole has moved on a lot since the decriminalization of homosexuality 20 years ago and secondly it will give a sign that the American administration is making moves in the same direction because there is a simple egotistical fact of modern western politics and that is their obsession with be seen as most liberal and democratic, Europe can’t be seen as less democratic and liberal than American and visa versa, so when one of them makes a move you can quickly expect the other to follow.
So I say again do not get over excited just because president Obama says he supports same-sex marriage, as I said at start and in title, he also says he supports resolution 242 but in reality vetoes it’s implementation which has resulted in the Palestinians living in squalid conditions of oppression, occupation, poverty etc. For 4decades.
I write this article in response to the media and social fuss made about Obamas announcement and also because of personally hearing friends get their hopes up when I know better and know there is no meaning behind Obamas words, after all in 2004 he supported same-sex marriage, in 2006 he was undecided, in 2007 and 2008 he was opposed to it and now in 2012 he supports it, all of which he publicly stated during televised interviews and speeches.

So I finish by once again saying relax chill out and don’t be getting excited because the president says something wait till he acts on what he says then get excited, did African Americans get excited when some politician voiced support for them long before the civil rights? No because they where wiser than to believe the false hope giving by a politicians words when their surrounded by a bigger group of voices opposing their rights
After all a politician gets elected and makes a career out of giving words of false hope to citizens who know no better !

Thanks for reading

author Darren M

5 thoughts on “Obama Supports Gay Marriage! He Also Supports Palestinian Statehood

    1. Critical&Political Post author

      I apologise i should have said most european countries not all. where are you from, yes its legal in the more liberal parts of the continent, im from ireland origially where it is still not law and is the same case in most european staes where civil partnership is only recognised.

      1. pinkagendist

        I’m in Spain, but there are various forms of legalized same-sex unions in most of central and Western Europe. In France it’s the PACS, in Britain it’s Civil Unions. Holland and Belgium have full gay-marriage… we’re getting there.

      2. Critical&Political Post author

        personally i dont see the point in marriage and wouldnt recommend anyone get married.. but i am mainly referring to full legalization because thats what the campaigners want and thats what is menat by obamas words, as you said we are getting there

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