Russia’s Homophobic Problem

In the last few weeks we have heard of pro-gay rights activists in Russia being arrested, it’s gotten so bad they are arresting people who are just pro-gay, activist or not as in the case of Sergey Kondrashov a heterosexual lawyer who has being married 16 years and who was arrested 3 weeks ago for taking a stand in defense of a lesbian family friend, now Sergey faces a day in court for defending the rights of a fellow human being.

It’s sad that Russia has become such a bastion of homophobic activism the past few years, this anti-gay mindset is evident in a new piece of policy put forward that would outlaw the human nature of being gay, it would also pose fines and sentences on Russian literature, news, art and so on that is seen to be pro-gay “propaganda” this could include anything from a gay relationship story-line in a piece of drama or simply an article like this in defense of gay rights, just like the case of the new EA Star Wars game that is being boycotted by anti-gay groups with one boycotter writing on-line  “I urge all parents to keep any EA games from their children to prevent them to be AIDS-spreading”, “Satan-loving scum,” wrote another boycotter.

I am myself a 22-year-old openly gay man and I find this despicable that in the 21st century people are still being discriminated against because of out dated pre-judged stereotypical views.
This Russian anti-gay bill is unfortunately just 1 of a long line of such measures taking throughout history to silence the love of gay couples,

It is about time societies stops looking for a group to focus their hate on, from the Jews to Africans now to gays our societies are always looking for ways to suck the blood from minority groups just so the system can satisfy it’s need to be hateful.

If you would like to show your support for the gay-rights activist in Russian and around the world who are fighting discrimination, demonetization and murder in Russia an around the world then please check out and give your support !

Thanks for reading

Author-Darren M


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