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Who Needs A Boss?

Most people will work for someone they refer to as the boss, in a small company most cases it is the owner of the company whilst in large multi-national companies it will be a long pyramid of lawyers, CEO’s and chairmen. These élite of the companies get paid massive salaries, In the United States a CEO makes an average salary of 35,000 a day, compared to the average American citizens who makes 34,000 a year, so the average CEO makes more in one day than his employee who’s labor produces the companies profits which then go to make the company élite extremely wealthy, while the employee who created the wealth of the copay through his labor is left to struggle by on an average of 34,000 a year. My question is why do we need the scroungers of societies labor? In other-words what justification can be giving for someone who plays no real role in the running of the company and its production? Why don’t we just get rid of these CEO’s who are making millions and put the full control of the company into the hands of the workers who’s produce is more important to the company stability than that of scrounging CEO’s who have no benefit on the company’s stability and only scrounge of the profits created by they workers.

People might say “what you are saying is nonsense and impossible because we need the CEO’s to run the company” but I ask do we really ? What exactly are they doing to benefit the company? Are they running it? The answer is no, 1 man or a company board of directors play no real role in the running of their companies, especially if they are large multi-national companies, the fact is the running of the company is done by the workers and not the boss, If workers in any company stopped producing the company would collapse but if the board of directors quit then the workers would just step into fill the gaps left by the Board i.e. making purchases, choosing the direction of the company, when to hire and when to take cuts and other “paperwork” that was done by the Board, now you might be saying that’s just impossible but I am afraid you are wrong and yes I will give you an example or two, one example of workers taking control of their company is that of the Forja Auto Plant company in Buenos Aires Argentina, the company was left bankrupt and the employees sacked, while under bankrupt protection the workers decided to take control of the company, illegal according to Argentinian law, the worker went on to run it as a workers cooperative while also having to fight court order after court order, eviction after eviction until they where finally giving control of it and turn now make a nice profit which has made their salaries double, they run this cooperative as equal pay, so no matter what position you hold in the company you get the same pay and all work at different things to make sure the smooth running of the company, any decision needed to be taking in regard of the company is taking at a workers meeting where each worker has an equal vote and a majority by a certain percentage wins, Sound familiar?

Another case of south American workers taking control of their bankrupt company is that in Argentina of The Brukman Textile Factory which went bankrupt and was taking over by its mostly middle-aged female staff, they like that of Forja workers turned it into a workers cooperative where they all play a role in running the company and filling the simple tasks left by the Company executives, they tripled their income to $60,000 a year each and all get equal pay and all get equal vote on company matters which like the Forja worker is decided at a meeting of the workers.

They are not the only cases they are just 2 of hundreds of bankrupt companies that have being taking over and recovered by the workers through the system of workers co-ops, it is happening all around the world, mostly in South America and Asia but also in Europe there have being recent reports of employees occupying their bankrupt companies in order to keep their jobs, This new surge in realization that workers can take control of their companies and get a better life and the full profits of their labor is creating a change politically and economically, the more stories that come out of workers taking control of their companies then the more it will urge others to do the same. After all if the workers where in charge of Goldman Sachs or Lehman Brothers I have a feeling things wouldn’t be as bad, instead people like Henry Paulson and Dick Fuld jr. of Lehman played no role in creating Lehman and Goldman’s wealth all they done was scrounged on the profits and made stupid company decisions all because the lust and greed that accompanies such power as that of 1 man in power of one of the worlds largest companies

we do not need these scroungers robbing the profits of someone else’s hard labor, instead we should banish them to the pages of history and advance the system of worker co-ops it will not only help to improve the life’s of the existing employees but also others it hires, It has the potential to pull millions of people out of poverty, if these big privately owned companies that operate in the third world where put in control of workers then it would help pull the people around them out of poverty and help advance the development of the third world politically, socially and economically.

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Author-Darren M