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United States! A Nation Of Imaginary Millionaires!

Tea Party Supporter

If you where to look at America with no social experience of the country but just knowledge of the economic policies supported by the American people you would come to one conclusion only and that is that every person in the United States is a millionaire give or take 1 or 2 people, what other reason could it be for them to support such policies like the privatization of health, education, housing and so on, the non support for a truly national labor union , the lack of social welfare to help the poorest? The only reason people would support these policies if they are educated rich people looking out for their own interests! So is every American a millionaire? of course not, in fact most Americans are struggling to survive on the low incomes of working class people in the United States. So why do they,not all but most, support policies which goes against their interest? and in fact plunges them deeper into poverty by having to pay more in tax, pay for health or the education of their children in privately owed institutions which should be under the control of the government and used to serve the people with the tax money they pay.

The Tea-Party for example, although I am far from agreeing with their policies, I do have sympathy with the ordinary legitimately concerned tea partier. They do have legitimate concerns, Ok so they might not be the most politically knowledgeable bunch but their concerns are real and legitimate But here is where it turns sour, the feelings of these concerned working and middle class people has being hijacked by the corporate US libertarian sector such as families like the hugely wealthy and powerful Koch Brothers, The libertarian sector of the US corporate system supports pure laissez-faire economics, ie. th total deregulation of the markets to be run without government involvement, they want the privatization of literally everything from health care to housing to education, national security, the judicial system everything so what these wealthy US Libertarians done was when the republican grassroots who felt neglected by the system came together under the name of The Tea Party they took advantage of their growing fears in order to stop Obama policies of regulation of the economy and social ownership of the health system, And it was easy for them all they had to do was pump millions into propaganda, lies, fear mongering, and all other tactics of twisting the facts in order to seduce the middle class and working class republicans into their support for libertarian-capitalist economics.

An easy fear that they preyed on was the fear of Obama that exists in the grassroots of republican support, they pumped propaganda to the people about how Obama was anti-american and an Arab possibly even a Muslim undercover, seriously many tea partiers believed this, they would be walking around with contradictory signs saying “damn socialism, keep you hands of my medicare”. This is a major fear these people have, socialism, how could working people and middle class people be so misinformed about socialism that they thinks it’s not in their favor when in fact it’s totally in their favor? simple answer really propaganda and misinformation, if you want to discredit the great name of socialism just refer to so-called socialists like Stalin or Mao or soviet union and to apolitical people it works straight away, but to people who know any politics they will know Stalin, Lenin and the rest of the so-called communists where right-wing in everything they done, the only communist thing about them was the miss-titled name of their political party.

And this type of preying on legitimate fears of working Americans to support policy not in their favor is conducted by both the republican and democrats with help of both their buddies in the corporate privately owned media outlets in the US. The news is guilty as much as politicians for corrupting the minds of citizens they help distort the reality of Washington policy in order to try make it look attractive to the citizens who would naturally oppose it if they knew any better.

Lets look at Heath care for example, in most European countries every citizen is entitled to free public health care of the highest standard, it’s so free even if an illegal immigrant needed care off, in most European countries they would be taken care of by a doctor in any hospital. If you asked the politically more aware populations of Europe if they wanted to privatize health care they would laugh at you, and no distorting the facts or propaganda would make them think any different, to them it is simply ‘why pay more when you already pay for it with your tax’. But in the US when Obama and the democrats try introduce a similar system of public health care the ordinary people who can’t get it otherwise resist it ? why would they resist healthcare being offered for free? simple because a campaign of miss-information, propaganda and complete lies directed by the republican corporate owned politicians who would rather them citizens pay than live .

Americans need to wake up and realize all the tax they pay is meant to be spent by the government on such things like giving them free health care, free education, social welfare and so on, instead what they don’t realize is their taxes is going to building new technology infrastructure and so on that can then be giving to the private sector to make a profit on, such as government paid programmes in weapons technology that is commissioned to companies like Halliburton who then make hundreds of billions of dollars on the back of taxpayers money, the make billions while the ordinary taxpayer left to fork out even more money for their health care and education which they should have already paid for with their taxes.

The system in the US needs to change as one TV host said before “Americans need to stop denying their love of socialism”. Socialism and policies not supported by the US government is in their favor and not the corporate policies they currently are seduced into supporting.

Maybe we should have taking that 400 billion dollars used to bail out private banks and insurance companies and used it instead to help deprived neglected communities, maybe build schools and hospitals in these area and employ local workers, not only will you be helping the poor with health and education but also you will be giving them jobs and more money to make their lives better, and when they have more money they will spend more which maybe would stimulate the economy more than squandering 400 billion to unaccountable oligarchy’s

Author-Darren M


Israel and Iran Who Is More Dangerous to World Peace?

Netanyahu & Obama

Israel, the land of justice?, a land created to stop the atrocities suffered by the jewish people over centuries, a land we are told is a democracy, a land we are told by the mainstream is a paradise of morality, justice, equality and freedom! Yes that is correct to the cave dwelling neo-cons and ignoramus mainstream pro-Israeli academics in the US and Israel. we are told constantly by the propaganda machine that is western mainstream news outlets that Israel is the victim of Arab terrorism and what is poor Israel to do but defend itself?, I am so fed up with hearing this especially at this time since Israel is now planing an imminent attack on Iran, we are falsely told that Iran is the aggressor and Israel merely the nice kid protecting himself from the big bad iranian school bully, let’s be honest the aggressor in this case is Israel it is not Iran, I ask you name one incident where Iranian ministers have said they will attack Israel? name one Iranian minister who met with Obama to plan and discuss a potential attack on Israel? name one Iranian minister that sanctioned Iranian spies to go into Israel to assassinate its scientist through terrorist means like the use of a car bomb or unmanned drones ? the fact is you wont find anything of the sort and yes Israel is guilty of all these actions of which Iran is innocent off.

For the Past 2 or 3 or more years the chief war monger in the world Benjamin Netanyahu has strolled his way around the corrupt halls of Washington sneakily and inhumanely gathering the support from the washington lot for his craving for war, after years, decades actually, of supporting the brutal treatment of the occupied Palestinian people, Netanyahu wants MORE, oh yes he wants a lot more, so much more that now he wants to bomb the “sand” out of Iran. Netanyahu does not care for the consequences of such an action and the massive loss of INNOCENT life that could happen if such an idea where to become reality, all he cares about is power, power over Israel, power of the arab world and influence in the wider world, Netanyahu is not a stupid man he has an IQ of 157+ allegedly, any man with an IQ level that high must understand what a war with Iran could spring up, we are not five-year old children playing with toy soldiers, we are not ancient kings playing war on a chess board we are talking about real War, where thousands if not hundreds of thousands of men women and children all of whom are innocent will die, am I the only person in this god forsaken world who boils with anger at the thought of these sleazy, inhuman, rich, out of touch politicians playing war with my life ?? Enough is enough Israel must be put in its place and told to get of the road to lunacy it is on.

I’m going to soften on the personal outrage as it might take away credibility of my argument but please understand why i get so personal, it is WAR after all.

I want to look at the myths and fear mongering the politicians and the media have spouted about Iran in the last 3 years or so to amp up support for war on Iran. then I will go onto “If Iran is not a threat why does the US and Israel want war with Iran?”

Firstly to the myths and the hypocrisy that surround the myths.The main myth and basically the only reason we are giving for a potential war with Iran is the myth than Iran either has or is in the process of developing a nuclear “weapons”,  so let us look at the use of such a myth by Washington and Tel-Aviv and whether the myth is true or not.

In 2009 on the day he was sworn in as prime minister of Israel, Benjamin told Jeffery Goldberg of The Atlantic newspaper that “The Obama presidency has two great missions: fixing the economy, and preventing Iran from gaining nuclear weapons,” after stating it would be a “failure of western civilization to allow Iran to develop Nuclear weapons” he continued with his old right-wing fear mongering propaganda by saying “You don’t want a messianic apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs. When the wide-eyed believer gets hold of the reins of power and the weapons of mass death, then the entire world should start worrying, and that is what is happening in Iran.”, so here we come across our first use of the myth by Netanyahu whilst PM, since then this myth has being so forcefully rammed down our throats by the private mainstream news that it is widely but ignorantly believed to be fact, but ask yourself  is Iran developing nuclear weapons? the plain and simple fact is no , ok so you don’t believe me ? How about the US intelligence sector which includes the CIA and all other intelligence branches who said  in a report issued by the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) in November 2007 that Iran has not got an active Nuclear weapons programme, and they reaffirmed this position in the NIE 2010. you might now be saying hold on recent reports this week from Israeli media are saying the NIE has told Obama that Iran has made “substantial progress towards developing nuclear weapons”, but ask yourself who is saying this? it is from Israeli media, so what does Washington and the Whitehouse national security council say? they came out a day after Israeli media made such claims and said, according to the national security council spokesperson “We believe that there is time and space to continue to pursue a diplomatic path, backed by growing international pressure on the Iranian government the spokesman said, he added “We continue to assess that Iran is not on the verge of achieving a nuclear weapon.”  also according to James Clapper the US director of national intelligence in his January congressional testimony  “We assess Iran is keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons, in part by developing various nuclear capabilities that better position it to produce such weapons, should it choose to do so. We do not know, however, if Iran will eventually decide to build nuclear weapons.” the director of national intelligence saying himself there is no weapons and no plan as of yet to develop any nuclear weapon programme, (I will get onto the nuclear activities of Iran of which James Clapper mentions later in the article)

Do you want more findings, how about the IAEA report of 2012 which said that prior to 2003 Iran had some activities “which were relevant” to developing a nuclear device, and that it is involved in activities that contradicts its obligations BUT the IAEA said it found no hard evidence of activity towards the actual development of a Nuclear device

There is much more evidence to back the fact Iran has no programme to develop nuclear devices, all intelligence agencies from the CIA to Mossad who both were reported by US Intelligence officials in march of this year as agreeing that Iran has no programme to develop a nuclear device.

The hypocrisy of Israel claiming it must stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons is the fact Israel has hundreds of illegally held nuclear weapons, they are illegal because Israel refuses to sing up-to the nuclear non-proliferation act

This evidence by all intelligence agencies should simply show that the myth we are told for war with Iran is simply that a “myth” and we should not be going to war on a “myth” look where Iraq got us.

So what has Iran got in nuclear terms if not weapons? Iran has the capabilities and is developing nuclear “energy”, not “weapons but energy, I am not going to get into much on the energy front because I feel it is irrelevant to this situation since first they are permitted to by the UN under certain circumstances, one being to make no moves towards activities of developing nuclear weapons, and secondly  it is because we are told the basis of war is to stop Iran developing Nuclear “weapons” not energy.

If Iran does not have a nuclear weapons programme then why does Netanyahu want war with them? Simple, as all western supported overthrows in the middle east, it is for a few things actually, First it is for Israel to show the Arabs who is boss, after all Israel cannot have a country like Iran becoming too influential especially with the wars raging in Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the secret wars in the arab world, why does it fear Iranian influence and power in the region? simple a stronger Iran with wider influence in the Middle East threatens American and Israeli dominance over the region and its resources, and at a time when the people of various Arab nations are freeing themselves after decades of dictatorship this fear of Iranian influence over these newly formed ruling classes such as Egypt and Libya, becomes even more worrying to US and its client state Israel. Another reason Israel is pushing for war with Iran is the Palestinian question, Israel fears Iranian influence and support given to the Palestinian resistance in the occupied territories, Israel under Netanyahu has no intention of agreeing to a two-state solution and fears Israel being forced into accepting the resolution under pressure from a rising Iranian influence.

There is no big mystery or altruist argument for the potential war with Iran it is simply just Israel with the support of the US upholding its brutal dominance over the middle east and the riches that come from the control over the regions resources.

I will finish by saying that Israel much be put in its place by the US and International community and warned off attacking Iran and starting a potentially lethal war that could take the lives of un-imaginable numbers of people all innocent me women and children who are so young they haven’t even realized they are Iranian or Israeli yet if a war begins they could die because of that simple fact, The US and Israel have already destroyed the lives of countless Arab people which has resulted in blow-back like 9/11 Al-Qaeda and the rise of extreme Islam in the Arab world, pursuing another mindless war will only push the world into continued instability and extremism of which Israel and the US claim they are fighting but who create the extremism through their policies.

Iran is not the aggressor Israel and the US are the aggressors and the evidence shows that to be factual and not just and figment of my imagination.

Author-Darren M

Who Needs A Boss?

Most people will work for someone they refer to as the boss, in a small company most cases it is the owner of the company whilst in large multi-national companies it will be a long pyramid of lawyers, CEO’s and chairmen. These élite of the companies get paid massive salaries, In the United States a CEO makes an average salary of 35,000 a day, compared to the average American citizens who makes 34,000 a year, so the average CEO makes more in one day than his employee who’s labor produces the companies profits which then go to make the company élite extremely wealthy, while the employee who created the wealth of the copay through his labor is left to struggle by on an average of 34,000 a year. My question is why do we need the scroungers of societies labor? In other-words what justification can be giving for someone who plays no real role in the running of the company and its production? Why don’t we just get rid of these CEO’s who are making millions and put the full control of the company into the hands of the workers who’s produce is more important to the company stability than that of scrounging CEO’s who have no benefit on the company’s stability and only scrounge of the profits created by they workers.

People might say “what you are saying is nonsense and impossible because we need the CEO’s to run the company” but I ask do we really ? What exactly are they doing to benefit the company? Are they running it? The answer is no, 1 man or a company board of directors play no real role in the running of their companies, especially if they are large multi-national companies, the fact is the running of the company is done by the workers and not the boss, If workers in any company stopped producing the company would collapse but if the board of directors quit then the workers would just step into fill the gaps left by the Board i.e. making purchases, choosing the direction of the company, when to hire and when to take cuts and other “paperwork” that was done by the Board, now you might be saying that’s just impossible but I am afraid you are wrong and yes I will give you an example or two, one example of workers taking control of their company is that of the Forja Auto Plant company in Buenos Aires Argentina, the company was left bankrupt and the employees sacked, while under bankrupt protection the workers decided to take control of the company, illegal according to Argentinian law, the worker went on to run it as a workers cooperative while also having to fight court order after court order, eviction after eviction until they where finally giving control of it and turn now make a nice profit which has made their salaries double, they run this cooperative as equal pay, so no matter what position you hold in the company you get the same pay and all work at different things to make sure the smooth running of the company, any decision needed to be taking in regard of the company is taking at a workers meeting where each worker has an equal vote and a majority by a certain percentage wins, Sound familiar?

Another case of south American workers taking control of their bankrupt company is that in Argentina of The Brukman Textile Factory which went bankrupt and was taking over by its mostly middle-aged female staff, they like that of Forja workers turned it into a workers cooperative where they all play a role in running the company and filling the simple tasks left by the Company executives, they tripled their income to $60,000 a year each and all get equal pay and all get equal vote on company matters which like the Forja worker is decided at a meeting of the workers.

They are not the only cases they are just 2 of hundreds of bankrupt companies that have being taking over and recovered by the workers through the system of workers co-ops, it is happening all around the world, mostly in South America and Asia but also in Europe there have being recent reports of employees occupying their bankrupt companies in order to keep their jobs, This new surge in realization that workers can take control of their companies and get a better life and the full profits of their labor is creating a change politically and economically, the more stories that come out of workers taking control of their companies then the more it will urge others to do the same. After all if the workers where in charge of Goldman Sachs or Lehman Brothers I have a feeling things wouldn’t be as bad, instead people like Henry Paulson and Dick Fuld jr. of Lehman played no role in creating Lehman and Goldman’s wealth all they done was scrounged on the profits and made stupid company decisions all because the lust and greed that accompanies such power as that of 1 man in power of one of the worlds largest companies

we do not need these scroungers robbing the profits of someone else’s hard labor, instead we should banish them to the pages of history and advance the system of worker co-ops it will not only help to improve the life’s of the existing employees but also others it hires, It has the potential to pull millions of people out of poverty, if these big privately owned companies that operate in the third world where put in control of workers then it would help pull the people around them out of poverty and help advance the development of the third world politically, socially and economically.

Thanks For Reading

Author-Darren M

Syrians, Occupiers And The Propaganda Campaign

Whats the difference between Syrian protestors and the occupy movement? the answer is not much, there is no fundamental difference between the two, apart from the fact that one group is operating in an arab nation which is pro-iran and an enemy of the US, and the other is a group operating in the worlds foremost superpower the US, you see the reason the Syrian revolution is called a revolution while the occupiers are called lunatics is simple, its called propaganda, only propaganda can turn a complicated civil-war in Syria into a united revolution, and only propaganda can turn a movement of thousands of working people like Occupy into a movement of lunatics and rapists alcoholics

First lets look at Syria and how propaganda has turned a historical ethnic and religious divide into a spontaneous revolution of the people, Syria is a nation divided on tribal lines, now the country is being led by Bashar Al-Assad who hails from the Alawi religious/ethnic group, he came to power in 2000 after succeeding his father Havez Al-Assad who ruled for 29 years.

His father rose to power in the 70s and purged the Syrian Ba’ath party in order to effectively  have an Alawi ruled Syria, this understandably created tension among other tribes who had lost power and influence in Syria, so ever since then there has being political dissesnt and protest in Syria in order to overthrow the Alawis and install some other tribe to power, and the current Syrian uprising is just the continuation of such political dissent, it is not a revolution in the western sense, as in it is not a united people fighting to overthrow one regime to install a regime of equality, instead it is a civil-war where you have many ethnic and religious groups  fighting to gain power for their group.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    So how on earth do people in the west believe the Syrian uprising is a spontaneous revolution by a united people to gain freedom from a horrible government? it is simple, the reason western citizens believe such complete nonsense is because of propaganda, the west is the most propagandized place on earth and America is the most propagandized nation in modern history a lot more so than nazi germany. Through a media technique that arose in the 70s/80s and called the propaganda model, Americans have become completely under the influence of propaganda created by the elitists to dumb people down so that the élite sector can go about its darker activities without the fear of  public interest in what they do, for example in a 2006 Harris interactive poll 50% of americans polled believed Saddam had WMDs, another HI poll in 2006 said 64% of Americans believed Saddam Hussein had strong links to al-Qaeda, one more recent example found that 22% of america actually believe Saddam planned 9/11.

How can so many people believe such obvious lies ? again it is mass propaganda that is conducted by profit-first news channels who all go along with what politicians and the business sector want them to say. The reason the west and mainly the US does not want its citizens knowing the truth about the history of these middle east uprisings is because it fears americans and westerners in general will become aware of the long and mostly brutal western political and business involvement in the political and social life of numerous MENA countries. so instead of the political and financial élite telling the truth of the arab uprisings instead what they do is get their media buddies to broadcast black and white propaganda that makes the civil-war in Syria out to be a spontaneous revolution, this technique of historical revisionism not only distracts the population at home from past american involvement but it also creates a surge of support for new american military activity in the MENA region, and of course western politicians love to jump at any chance they get to increase their influence over third world countries.

Now lets look at the occupy movement and how propaganda by a profit first media has turned a legitimate political movement of concerned young and old people into a movement of crackpot rapists. The answer to such a smear is that the US media and other privately owned profit first news channels in the west media have completely set out from the start to smear the Occupy movement, for the simple reason that the people who own and make a profit out of the corporate media are part of the 1% that the occupy movement is fighting against, they are part of the capitalist system that most occupiers oppose, they are the enemy of the occupiers so why would the enemy of the movement broadcast positive news coverage and information on it? it would be complete stupidity for mainstream news and financial institutions to support a movement that wants to overthrow the system they currently profit from. The élite in politics, media and business fear the population becoming aware of their activities and that’s why since the 50s they have conducted a propaganda campaign to misinform the public in order to pacify a natural tendency to revolt, and the current negative coverage and misinformation on the occupy movement is just another example of the establishment trying to tame as Noam Chomsky calls “the great beast”, the public.

You see the Occupy movement is a movement not of lunatic alcoholic crackpots, it is a movement of educated and concerned citizens that include factory workers, builders, students, professors, and people from all walks of life that are concerned about their children, their rights, their freedom, they are concerned about the victims of american policy, they are not lunatics but rational compassionate people, after all they have had highly regarded supporters and speakers from such fields as economics, political science, history philosophy and journalism, from Amy Goodman to Norman Finkelstein, Steve Keen and even Chomsky. How can a movement which gets support from such figures be ignored by the mainstream as lunatic? the answer again is propaganda, the establishment wont support it because if it does then the majority of hard-working people in the west will support it and this will eventually lead to a political shift in power and economics that will affect their own interests politically and financially so the obvious thing for these media elitists to do is smear the legitimate concerns of working people in order to uphold their own grip on power that would be destroyed if occupy got its way.

Remember the difference between Syrian protestors and occupy protestors, is that Syrians have western propaganda on their side while occupiers have it against them, and it is hell of a lot easier to overthrow a corrupt regime when you have such propaganda and military power on your side. The media should stop being hypocrites again by supporting Syrian and arab protestors while at the same time denouncing their own concerned citizens who have the courage and dedication to get out on the streets and protest against the greed and abuse of power by figures in the politics, finance and media and to rightfully oppose violations of their political and economic rights.We need to look past the obvious propaganda that is out to strip citizens of their right to protest and their right to truth, we need to be rational when looking at such situations because we all know if the occupy movement happened in an arab country then the US and Its media mouthpieces would be openly supporting it as a “democratic revolution by the ordinary people” its just when the revolution affects their interest that they don’t support it.

Thanks for reading

Author -Darren M

A Short Interview With Pr.Norman Finkelstein


Pr.Finkelstein is a political scientist, author and human rights activist from New  York City. The son of Maryla Huyst Finkelstein and Zacharias Finkelstein both survivors of the holocaust who spent the war in the Warsaw Ghetto, Majdanek and Auschwitz.

Although Jewish Pr.Finkelstein has spent all of his adult life championing the Palestinian Cause and is considered one of the leading experts on the Palestine/Israel conflict .  A downfall of his anti-establishment views and his support for Palestine has resulted in him loosing his job at DePaul University, a result of pressure from members of the Israeli Lobby.

Recently a film was made about his life called “American Radical-The trials of Norman Finkelstein” detailing in mass travels around the world lecturing on the conflict and also detailing aspects of his personal life.

I hope you enjoy this short interview.

 YoungPhilosopher89- PLO leaders have recently gone to the UN to seek recognition of statehood along the 1967 borders, In your opinion what chance have they got of achieving this goal considering America and Israel position of rejection-ism ?

Pr.Finkelstein-It’s unlikely they can achieve anything substantial without mobilizing the Palestinian people and their supporters abroad.  Unfortunately, the PLO is incapable of doing this, in no small part because it knows that, if mobilized, the Palestinian people will get rid of them, just as elsewhere in the Arab world since the Arab spring.

YoungPhilosopher89- A few months back their was an announcement that the PLO and Hamas where going to start working closely together for the greater good of Palestinian freedom, do you think this mutual harmony can last or is there too much division in Palestinian politics currently that it is inevitably going to divide the cause again?

Pr.Finkelstein-I do not know much about internal Palestinian politics, so I cannot give an authoritative answer.  But so long as the PA collaborates with Israel and the US, it’s hard to imagine how they can reach any agreement with Hamas.

YoungPhilosopher89-We have recently seen Netanyahu announce the building of thousands of new settlements in the occupied territory which goes against UN law, Do you think a Palestinain state can include the settlements or will Israel do everything in its power to build more and inevitably annex them into a future Israel?

Pr.Finkelstein-It’s still possible to create a real Palestinian state.  The problem is political, not physical.  The Palestinians proposed a map in 2008 which would enable Israel to keep 63% of the settlers (310,000) on 1.9% of the West Bank, that could be exchanged in a land swap for 1.9% of Israeli land of comparable quality.  It was a reasonable proposal.

YoungPhilosopher89-With the current positive coverage of the “Arab Spring” do you think their is now a big shift in western societies mentality towards the Palestinian cause and if so will it play much of a role in influencing the international community’s pressure on Israel to restart a Peace Process ?

Pr.Finkelstein-Western public opinion was turning against Israel before the Arab Spring.   It’s been a slow, incremental process of enlightenment.  Right now, Israel’s standing is very low in the world, falling into the same category as Iran, North Korea and Pakistan.

I apologise for it being so short , Pr.Finkelstein is an extremely busy man and was unable to answer more questions due to lack of time.

Libya! The Battle For Capitalism.

Here I will try and explain my view of how western capitalism started, conducted and succeeded in overthrowing a non capitalist Arab government in an oil rich country where great profits are to be made.

It all started many years ago but it was not till the people of Tunisia decided to rebel against their authoritarian regime, that the western capitalists got their opportunity to finally overthrow “some” Arab governments especially the authoritarian regimes in oil rich countries like Libya. Why did the western capitalists want to overthrow such regimes? well simple the region where these regimes exist is the most oil resourceful region in the world, and many of these Arab leaders refused to allow western companies to be involved in the production and selling of the oil in theses Arab nations; instead like that of the Libyan case, the oil was kept in the control of the Arab governments usually only resulting in making the main leaders extremely rich.

This decision by Arab leaders to snub the western capitalists ultimately resulted in their downfall. Just look at the price of oil today! before Gaddafi fell the price of oil was extremely high in the west because of a decrease in production and resources but now since Gaddafi has fallen and the west can now get its hands on Libyan oil the prices have immediately gone down, something which reminded me of the Iraq war, when the United States invaded Iraq oil prices plummeted because of the new resource of oil. Another clear case of Capitalist interest in these Arab revolutions is the fact the only countries it is interested in is oil countries, the west has given no help to the Syrian people, not only because they fear Syria but because Syria is not an Oil producing country. This lack of double standards towards democracy is also evident in the western media’s coverage of the middle-east conflicts and their coverage of similar events happening in the western world.

In the western world people like the “Arab Revolutionaries” are described as thugs hooligans and criminals, why? because in the west working people rebelling through rioting is a threat to the established capitalist government and the capitalist economic system so the best way to discredit these western working peoples legitimate concerns is to describe them as “mindless thugs”, criminals and gangsters. But in the middle-east the same kind of people are described as revolutionaries because they are working for capitalism which means they get full freedom and legitimacy in the mass media.

All this sleazy capitalist interest is evident if you have a basic knowledge of politics and capitalism and if you open your eyes to the truth. This new National Transitional Committee I can assure you have being for months holding secret talks with the big western media and oil companies to create a deal whereas the west will give the Arab Revolutionaries full support in the western media and the western political scene, on the condition the revolutionaries give western countries access to Libya’s oil resources. I previously wrote a related article on how sky news and NewsCorp in general have covered the Libyan conflict to show how the mass media can generate manufactured consent amongst the public by telling half truths and biased reporting which has being a key tool in the media war on Libya. If you take the time to look you will easily see this sleazy politics are involved in this current war in Libya.

I must make the point clear I do not support Gaddafi I just support the media doing its job properly and not helping to cover up the true reasons of the west support for such revolutions. I would be happy if the Libyan’s kept full control of their resources especially the oil but if history is anything to go by then i can be confident that the west is only interested in the oil and not the rights of the Libyan’s, If they really cared about the Libyan’s then why did it take over 30years for them to do anything against Gaddafi ? simply because up till the financial recession the west didn’t need Libya’s oil.



How The Mainstream Controls Us !

The mainstream, from media to fashion to fame mainstream controls what the majority of us eat, watch, wear, drive, and buy. When we see celebrity’s with a new style haircut or dress style it suddenly becomes popular and enters the mainstream. But whose decision is it to mainstream something is it the public , is it the mainstream itself by using mass media to get customers to buy what they want the customer to buy?.

The mainstream is where something is extremely popular amongst the public and is positively promoted by the mass media to the extent of making some people extremely rich. But is the mainstream a good thing? Does it enjoy killing of difference and uniqueness, for example I am a big Bob Dylan fan he is simply the greatest recording musician ever and I always say had Bob Dylan being trying to make it in his style these days he would never be successful or win shows like American Idol. To me it is clear that the mainstream doesn’t like difference because it simple if they did thin nothing would be mainstream except difference and selling in smaller quantity’s makes less profit.

So let’s move away from mainstream fashion and look at mainstream media. The media such as The Fox News Channel, ABC, CNN and so on it all western nations openly and clearly support and are cheerleaders for capitalism. You look at American media and every time someone with a different view to that of the Washington view is verbally assaulted, degraded, called a lunatic and so on, You look at the mainstream media’s coverage of the Afghanistan war and especially the Iraq war were now it has become public knowledge that they hid the truth to what was happening in Iraq from the public knowledge. That they called the tightly run Florida race between Gore and Bush a half hour before the actual call which to some people influenced the outcome making George Bush president, by the way Florida governor at the time was Jeb Bush , George Bush’s brother. They also help in America to dumbing down the population by useless information, reality tv, cartoons, and cop shows and they openly support in most cases creationism over evolution, a fundamental piece of knowledge everyone should believe but don’t because mainstream media says its wrong.

Let’s take an example from outside the United States. In Venezuela there is a political and social divide between the mostly native and poor in one camp and the some of the European settler decent who became rich during the 50s, 60s, 70s Oil production in Venezuela in the other camp. In 1998 an army general of native and poor background called Hugo Chavez became president of Venezuela standing on a socialist ticket promising to nationalize the oil company’s in Venezuela and share the profit among the poor through social projects. Well this didn’t go down with the minority of mostly European decent population who had profited greatly by owning the oil company’s and now were left with no real ownership of Venezuela’s oil and political power, but one thing they held on to was ownership of 90% of Venezuela’s media and great sums of money, so with this in mind many of the political and trade union leaders on the rich side led by Pedro Carmona decided to plan a coup d’état against Hugo Chavez by using the private media to falsely make it seem on tv that Chavez supporters shot at Carmona supporters, which got the army involved and Hugo Chavez was arrested and Pedro Carmona was installed as president of Venezuela which was supported by the United States who even released a statement of support . But the media, Carmona and USA failed in their coup d’état after presidential guards rescued Hugo Chavez returned him to power after thousands of Chavez supporters protested about the coup d’état outside the presidential palace. Pedro Carmona went into exile with help of the United States.

This is an example of how the mainstream uses as Noam Chomsky says “Manufacturing Consent” to manipulate the public into supporting what the rich and powerful want the public to support. Remember don’t believe what the mainstream says research for yourself and find the truth, believe what you see not what you’re told and don’t live and think like everyone else because the mainstream wants you to , be your person and think for yourself we are all human but all different.