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United States! A Nation Of Imaginary Millionaires!

Tea Party Supporter

If you where to look at America with no social experience of the country but just knowledge of the economic policies supported by the American people you would come to one conclusion only and that is that every person in the United States is a millionaire give or take 1 or 2 people, what other reason could it be for them to support such policies like the privatization of health, education, housing and so on, the non support for a truly national labor union , the lack of social welfare to help the poorest? The only reason people would support these policies if they are educated rich people looking out for their own interests! So is every American a millionaire? of course not, in fact most Americans are struggling to survive on the low incomes of working class people in the United States. So why do they,not all but most, support policies which goes against their interest? and in fact plunges them deeper into poverty by having to pay more in tax, pay for health or the education of their children in privately owed institutions which should be under the control of the government and used to serve the people with the tax money they pay.

The Tea-Party for example, although I am far from agreeing with their policies, I do have sympathy with the ordinary legitimately concerned tea partier. They do have legitimate concerns, Ok so they might not be the most politically knowledgeable bunch but their concerns are real and legitimate But here is where it turns sour, the feelings of these concerned working and middle class people has being hijacked by the corporate US libertarian sector such as families like the hugely wealthy and powerful Koch Brothers, The libertarian sector of the US corporate system supports pure laissez-faire economics, ie. th total deregulation of the markets to be run without government involvement, they want the privatization of literally everything from health care to housing to education, national security, the judicial system everything so what these wealthy US Libertarians done was when the republican grassroots who felt neglected by the system came together under the name of The Tea Party they took advantage of their growing fears in order to stop Obama policies of regulation of the economy and social ownership of the health system, And it was easy for them all they had to do was pump millions into propaganda, lies, fear mongering, and all other tactics of twisting the facts in order to seduce the middle class and working class republicans into their support for libertarian-capitalist economics.

An easy fear that they preyed on was the fear of Obama that exists in the grassroots of republican support, they pumped propaganda to the people about how Obama was anti-american and an Arab possibly even a Muslim undercover, seriously many tea partiers believed this, they would be walking around with contradictory signs saying “damn socialism, keep you hands of my medicare”. This is a major fear these people have, socialism, how could working people and middle class people be so misinformed about socialism that they thinks it’s not in their favor when in fact it’s totally in their favor? simple answer really propaganda and misinformation, if you want to discredit the great name of socialism just refer to so-called socialists like Stalin or Mao or soviet union and to apolitical people it works straight away, but to people who know any politics they will know Stalin, Lenin and the rest of the so-called communists where right-wing in everything they done, the only communist thing about them was the miss-titled name of their political party.

And this type of preying on legitimate fears of working Americans to support policy not in their favor is conducted by both the republican and democrats with help of both their buddies in the corporate privately owned media outlets in the US. The news is guilty as much as politicians for corrupting the minds of citizens they help distort the reality of Washington policy in order to try make it look attractive to the citizens who would naturally oppose it if they knew any better.

Lets look at Heath care for example, in most European countries every citizen is entitled to free public health care of the highest standard, it’s so free even if an illegal immigrant needed care off, in most European countries they would be taken care of by a doctor in any hospital. If you asked the politically more aware populations of Europe if they wanted to privatize health care they would laugh at you, and no distorting the facts or propaganda would make them think any different, to them it is simply ‘why pay more when you already pay for it with your tax’. But in the US when Obama and the democrats try introduce a similar system of public health care the ordinary people who can’t get it otherwise resist it ? why would they resist healthcare being offered for free? simple because a campaign of miss-information, propaganda and complete lies directed by the republican corporate owned politicians who would rather them citizens pay than live .

Americans need to wake up and realize all the tax they pay is meant to be spent by the government on such things like giving them free health care, free education, social welfare and so on, instead what they don’t realize is their taxes is going to building new technology infrastructure and so on that can then be giving to the private sector to make a profit on, such as government paid programmes in weapons technology that is commissioned to companies like Halliburton who then make hundreds of billions of dollars on the back of taxpayers money, the make billions while the ordinary taxpayer left to fork out even more money for their health care and education which they should have already paid for with their taxes.

The system in the US needs to change as one TV host said before “Americans need to stop denying their love of socialism”. Socialism and policies not supported by the US government is in their favor and not the corporate policies they currently are seduced into supporting.

Maybe we should have taking that 400 billion dollars used to bail out private banks and insurance companies and used it instead to help deprived neglected communities, maybe build schools and hospitals in these area and employ local workers, not only will you be helping the poor with health and education but also you will be giving them jobs and more money to make their lives better, and when they have more money they will spend more which maybe would stimulate the economy more than squandering 400 billion to unaccountable oligarchy’s

Author-Darren M


Israel and Iran Who Is More Dangerous to World Peace?

Netanyahu & Obama

Israel, the land of justice?, a land created to stop the atrocities suffered by the jewish people over centuries, a land we are told is a democracy, a land we are told by the mainstream is a paradise of morality, justice, equality and freedom! Yes that is correct to the cave dwelling neo-cons and ignoramus mainstream pro-Israeli academics in the US and Israel. we are told constantly by the propaganda machine that is western mainstream news outlets that Israel is the victim of Arab terrorism and what is poor Israel to do but defend itself?, I am so fed up with hearing this especially at this time since Israel is now planing an imminent attack on Iran, we are falsely told that Iran is the aggressor and Israel merely the nice kid protecting himself from the big bad iranian school bully, let’s be honest the aggressor in this case is Israel it is not Iran, I ask you name one incident where Iranian ministers have said they will attack Israel? name one Iranian minister who met with Obama to plan and discuss a potential attack on Israel? name one Iranian minister that sanctioned Iranian spies to go into Israel to assassinate its scientist through terrorist means like the use of a car bomb or unmanned drones ? the fact is you wont find anything of the sort and yes Israel is guilty of all these actions of which Iran is innocent off.

For the Past 2 or 3 or more years the chief war monger in the world Benjamin Netanyahu has strolled his way around the corrupt halls of Washington sneakily and inhumanely gathering the support from the washington lot for his craving for war, after years, decades actually, of supporting the brutal treatment of the occupied Palestinian people, Netanyahu wants MORE, oh yes he wants a lot more, so much more that now he wants to bomb the “sand” out of Iran. Netanyahu does not care for the consequences of such an action and the massive loss of INNOCENT life that could happen if such an idea where to become reality, all he cares about is power, power over Israel, power of the arab world and influence in the wider world, Netanyahu is not a stupid man he has an IQ of 157+ allegedly, any man with an IQ level that high must understand what a war with Iran could spring up, we are not five-year old children playing with toy soldiers, we are not ancient kings playing war on a chess board we are talking about real War, where thousands if not hundreds of thousands of men women and children all of whom are innocent will die, am I the only person in this god forsaken world who boils with anger at the thought of these sleazy, inhuman, rich, out of touch politicians playing war with my life ?? Enough is enough Israel must be put in its place and told to get of the road to lunacy it is on.

I’m going to soften on the personal outrage as it might take away credibility of my argument but please understand why i get so personal, it is WAR after all.

I want to look at the myths and fear mongering the politicians and the media have spouted about Iran in the last 3 years or so to amp up support for war on Iran. then I will go onto “If Iran is not a threat why does the US and Israel want war with Iran?”

Firstly to the myths and the hypocrisy that surround the myths.The main myth and basically the only reason we are giving for a potential war with Iran is the myth than Iran either has or is in the process of developing a nuclear “weapons”,  so let us look at the use of such a myth by Washington and Tel-Aviv and whether the myth is true or not.

In 2009 on the day he was sworn in as prime minister of Israel, Benjamin told Jeffery Goldberg of The Atlantic newspaper that “The Obama presidency has two great missions: fixing the economy, and preventing Iran from gaining nuclear weapons,” after stating it would be a “failure of western civilization to allow Iran to develop Nuclear weapons” he continued with his old right-wing fear mongering propaganda by saying “You don’t want a messianic apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs. When the wide-eyed believer gets hold of the reins of power and the weapons of mass death, then the entire world should start worrying, and that is what is happening in Iran.”, so here we come across our first use of the myth by Netanyahu whilst PM, since then this myth has being so forcefully rammed down our throats by the private mainstream news that it is widely but ignorantly believed to be fact, but ask yourself  is Iran developing nuclear weapons? the plain and simple fact is no , ok so you don’t believe me ? How about the US intelligence sector which includes the CIA and all other intelligence branches who said  in a report issued by the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) in November 2007 that Iran has not got an active Nuclear weapons programme, and they reaffirmed this position in the NIE 2010. you might now be saying hold on recent reports this week from Israeli media are saying the NIE has told Obama that Iran has made “substantial progress towards developing nuclear weapons”, but ask yourself who is saying this? it is from Israeli media, so what does Washington and the Whitehouse national security council say? they came out a day after Israeli media made such claims and said, according to the national security council spokesperson “We believe that there is time and space to continue to pursue a diplomatic path, backed by growing international pressure on the Iranian government the spokesman said, he added “We continue to assess that Iran is not on the verge of achieving a nuclear weapon.”  also according to James Clapper the US director of national intelligence in his January congressional testimony  “We assess Iran is keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons, in part by developing various nuclear capabilities that better position it to produce such weapons, should it choose to do so. We do not know, however, if Iran will eventually decide to build nuclear weapons.” the director of national intelligence saying himself there is no weapons and no plan as of yet to develop any nuclear weapon programme, (I will get onto the nuclear activities of Iran of which James Clapper mentions later in the article)

Do you want more findings, how about the IAEA report of 2012 which said that prior to 2003 Iran had some activities “which were relevant” to developing a nuclear device, and that it is involved in activities that contradicts its obligations BUT the IAEA said it found no hard evidence of activity towards the actual development of a Nuclear device

There is much more evidence to back the fact Iran has no programme to develop nuclear devices, all intelligence agencies from the CIA to Mossad who both were reported by US Intelligence officials in march of this year as agreeing that Iran has no programme to develop a nuclear device.

The hypocrisy of Israel claiming it must stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons is the fact Israel has hundreds of illegally held nuclear weapons, they are illegal because Israel refuses to sing up-to the nuclear non-proliferation act

This evidence by all intelligence agencies should simply show that the myth we are told for war with Iran is simply that a “myth” and we should not be going to war on a “myth” look where Iraq got us.

So what has Iran got in nuclear terms if not weapons? Iran has the capabilities and is developing nuclear “energy”, not “weapons but energy, I am not going to get into much on the energy front because I feel it is irrelevant to this situation since first they are permitted to by the UN under certain circumstances, one being to make no moves towards activities of developing nuclear weapons, and secondly  it is because we are told the basis of war is to stop Iran developing Nuclear “weapons” not energy.

If Iran does not have a nuclear weapons programme then why does Netanyahu want war with them? Simple, as all western supported overthrows in the middle east, it is for a few things actually, First it is for Israel to show the Arabs who is boss, after all Israel cannot have a country like Iran becoming too influential especially with the wars raging in Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the secret wars in the arab world, why does it fear Iranian influence and power in the region? simple a stronger Iran with wider influence in the Middle East threatens American and Israeli dominance over the region and its resources, and at a time when the people of various Arab nations are freeing themselves after decades of dictatorship this fear of Iranian influence over these newly formed ruling classes such as Egypt and Libya, becomes even more worrying to US and its client state Israel. Another reason Israel is pushing for war with Iran is the Palestinian question, Israel fears Iranian influence and support given to the Palestinian resistance in the occupied territories, Israel under Netanyahu has no intention of agreeing to a two-state solution and fears Israel being forced into accepting the resolution under pressure from a rising Iranian influence.

There is no big mystery or altruist argument for the potential war with Iran it is simply just Israel with the support of the US upholding its brutal dominance over the middle east and the riches that come from the control over the regions resources.

I will finish by saying that Israel much be put in its place by the US and International community and warned off attacking Iran and starting a potentially lethal war that could take the lives of un-imaginable numbers of people all innocent me women and children who are so young they haven’t even realized they are Iranian or Israeli yet if a war begins they could die because of that simple fact, The US and Israel have already destroyed the lives of countless Arab people which has resulted in blow-back like 9/11 Al-Qaeda and the rise of extreme Islam in the Arab world, pursuing another mindless war will only push the world into continued instability and extremism of which Israel and the US claim they are fighting but who create the extremism through their policies.

Iran is not the aggressor Israel and the US are the aggressors and the evidence shows that to be factual and not just and figment of my imagination.

Author-Darren M

How Obama Hijacked The Wave Of Change

It was a cold day in the Capitol when Barack Obama the son of an American mother and an African father, was inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States, after a year of brutal campaigning first for the democratic nomination then for the presidential nomination Barack Obama became the first African-American US president, sweeping to victory on a message of HUGE “change”.

But did Obama, the man who became the American symbol of change and people power actually have anything to do with creating that grassroots movement of political change? or did Obama just ride to victory on a wave of other Peoples hard work?

There are political activists and intellectuals in America who have spent between 20-50 years building a grassroots movement of educating and getting people politically informed and active in the process and of creating a feeling of social and political change, all this grassroots work came together between 2006-2008 when after the worlds economies went into turmoil and millions of people where left unemployed, homeless, hungry and so on, societies wanted change and Americans wanted change, within weeks of the American economy crashing the number of people becoming involved in grassroots community organizations sky rocketed, you had people refusing to be evicted from their homes, you had workers taking control of their factories after their bosses went bust and tried to fire them, you had people rightly refusing to pay such loans to banks that failed, there was definitely a feeling of political change about to come, suddenly Americans had awoken from their political slumber and where now no longer going to let Uncle Sam walk all over them.

All this seemed like the people wanted America back, then sudden it was announced that an Illinois senator Barack Obama would try get the democratic nomination for president, on hearing this for the first time the American news media outlets like MSNBC, CNN and the rest of them done what the mouthpiece of any capitalist society would do, it took its opportunity, knowing quite well the overwhelming sense of change in the population and looking for a way to stop the people going too far left or right in politics, they made Obama the focus of politics by championing the idea of America having Its first black president, here was the media and establishments way of saying to the people “you want political change? Then vote Obama and you get the first black president”, it was a clear slap on the face to people who had worked so hard to get people politically educated and involved, Here was their hard work being hijacked by news outlets to uphold the current system of politics, and Obama’s team like any “smart” political team would do, is they seen this opportunity to also hijack the feeling of change, Obama crew just one day appeared and made themselves leaders of a movement they hand no hand in creating, they tried to make Obama out to be a good liberal social worker, but let’s be honest Obama only done 3 years working in a poor area of Chicago and it was simply pack his résumé so he could get into Harvard.

And now that he has hijacked somebody else’s hard work and being elected as a “change” politician he thinks he actually done something , Obama actually thinks he created a movement of change in people when in fact he just rode the wave of a movement created by working people over decades of abuse by the system he fully supports.

“If you think you’re a radical and you’re in you the mainstream then you should start asking yourself am I really a radical”-Noam Chomsky

Thanks for reading
Author-Darren M

Mitt Romneys Presidential Addiction

What’s up with Mitt Romney’s craving to be president ? Why does he so desire to such a position? It is funny and sad, to watch Mitt be so obsessed with one thing the last ten years or more that is to become master of masters king of kings the President of the United states.

Is this wanting for such a position of power simply a case of billionaire looking to spend his money on something or is it darker is it a case of an ultra-competitive capitalist billionaire who seeks power satisfy his compulsive need for competition ? There is an old saying “you shouldn’t trust someone who wants power” ! Well Mitt Romney is more Ryan just wanting power he is craving it like a drug addict craves their drug of choice, in 2008 Romney spent millions to get the Republican nomination and failed, but unlike most people who would have given up after months of bitterness, hard work, personal attacks and financial losses, Mitt Romney decided he wanted to run again in 2012 and spend millions more to be elected and drag himself and his family through what will be a bitter campaign , and I ask all this for what ? The answer is so Mitt can satisfy his need for power and be top dog.
And as Mitt gets a step closer to the presidency you can see it in his face the smile gets more real , the craving to please everyone softens and the diplomatic attack ad Mitt comes out to play.

Should a man who strives so hard for power be trusted? Ask yourself come the election is mitt for the people or himself and his Crony-capitalist friends in the business sector and the halls of Washington!

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Author-Darren M

Hilary Rosen Is Correct America Has A Working Class

Povertty in America

So the republicans are in uproar because Hilary Rosen rightly so stated Ann Romney never had work hard a day in her life.
I would like to point out what Hilary Rosen in my opinion means,  what Rosen means is Ann Romney is not working class and she never had to worry about struggling to feed her child on food stamps day in and day out, I agree Ann Romney never knew what it was like to rear children in an environment of abstain poverty and chronic drug and alcohol abuse, Miss Romney reared her children in the comfortable surroundings of mansions, pools, cars and money her husband Mitt Romney is a billionaire for Christ sake He wouldn’t know the difference between a food stamp and a postal stamp. Ann Romney had it easy very easy, yes it’s hard to rear children but it’s harder when you have nothing and it’s hell of a lot easier when you have everything like Ann Romney

The problem here is the American political and media classes fear of the word “working class” you never hear the media or politicians refer the what is the majority of people as working class they always say “middle class” or “blue collar” . Yes your middle class If you have a steady job and can happily feed, dress, house and educate your children, but what about the thousands if not millions of American citizens who cannot afford to feed, house, dress and educate their children, what are they ? They are what is referred to as “working class” the people who have being neglected by the system economically and politically, their the people the system, that the Romney’s benefited from, left to fend for themselves in the battle for the scraps, and they are the majority right now and Hilary Rosen was 100% correct to point out that Miss Romney never had to struggle to financially, and who never had to work as a parent and a wage slave,
A lot of people will refer to her cancer as a reason not to comment on her, I greatly admire Her battle to overcome cancer, but this is not about her personally this is simply about her financial and social background compares to that of a real working person so I hope nobody thinks I’m going to rough on her,

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Author-Darren M

Michelle Malkin Cant Be Serious, But She Is


Ok, so it’s 2012 and not much has changed ! Most of America still takes Michelle Malkin seriously. I’ve being watching the wicked witch of the southeast for a couple of years and I am shocked most of the time by the boil propaganda that comes pouring out of her mouth, however recently I have not heard much from Michelle, that was until I tuned into hannity Wednesday night and god behold there she was, looking as ferocious and sounding as dumb as usual. The interview on Hannity was between Sean and Michelle in one corner and Tamara Holder a soft liberal in the other corner, the debate if u can call it such was about unemployment rates and obviously because Hannity and Malkin see things in black and white they ganged up on Holder and claimed Obama is a disaster and should go because the overall rate of unemployment is higher than when he first took office, Tamara Holder tried to correctly point out their ignorance of bigger picture, that the unemployment rates have gone down every year of Obamas term, which was shouted down and laughed at by Hannity and Malkin like two big bullies picking on the smarter kid in their class. See this is a tactic of Fox News, every time they have a dominant subject about Obama with a soft female democratic guest they bring in Michelle malkin, she is like a starved pit-bull waiting to devour her guests by spitting out, half truths, no truths, misquotes and bullshit. In any rational arena her lies and views would be laughed at, but not on planet Fox, you see on planet Fox Malkin is taking as a serious political commentator almost like a philosopher for the Ignorant-right, at the same time writing books at incredible speed making a mint of money.

On immigration Michelle supports taking strong measures to limit immigration, this I find incredibly funny because Michelle is the child of Filipino immigrants who came to America for an education and better life, if the Michelle of their day had their way then her parents wouldn’t have came to America and Michelle would be now living in the Philippines probably in a comfortable life but who knows probably in a squabble in the streets of Manila, its amazing how Michelle’s ignorance even extends to herself. She wants poor immigrants like her parents who are trying escape a miserable life OK some poverty stricken country to be denied the same rights she and her parents where rewarded, What a b***h.

Michelle says liberals or left wingers are demeaning of women particularly conservative women ! Yes have you spotted what she’s done ? She has indeed just rewritten history, Because it is actual apart of the traditional conservative beliefs not liberal or left that wants women to be stay at home moms and second class citizens under the control of the husbands with no rights and self independence, It was people of the left who campaigned for womens rights, women of the earliest feminist movements where working class and upper class socialists, mill workers, aristocratic daughters and so on, it wasn’t the right who emancipated the female it was the women of the left and working class communities who self emancipated themselves by rejecting the conservative belief system for which Michelle Malkin thinks is so great to women and the world in general.

She has no humility or respect for those who disagree with her quasi-fascist beliefs , she conjurs up an expression of deep hate when an opponent speaks, she grinds her teeth and squirms her lips as if to try intimidate the public audience, she shouts opponents downs so they can’t be heard, she is always backed up on fox by Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly who are masters of cutting the Mic and lowering the sound.

Michelle is a buffoon who shouldn’t be taking seriously her views on most things are highly skewered to favor her far right-wing beliefs and are not factual they are pure propaganda for the republican party and corporatism. She uses a disgusting anti-journalistic tactic of conjuring up fear in the public in order to sell her books and be taking seriously. I write this because I am fed up with Michelle Malkins nonsense, if it was a small audience she had I wouldn’t mind but she has a huge audience and someone who speaks so much boiling hatred can become a dangerous person giving enough credibility !

This is small , thanks for reading

Author-Darren M