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Conservative America In Denial Of True Cause Of 9/11

Rumsfeld meets Saddam During Iraq/Iran war                                                                 

I am writing this article in response to the American conservative media, public and politicians who refuse to accept that blowback from American foreign policy in the middle east was the cause of 9/11 rather than their accepted lie that it is “Muslim fundamentalist angry at Americas freedom and prosperity”.

To conservatives in America who are highly nationalistic accepting they had responsibility in causing 9/11 is near blasphemous!

The reason i am writing this article is because was once again I was watching Hannity tonight when he was talking to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Sean was angry at the fact that the Iman said soon after 9/11 during a 60 minutes debate that Osama Bin Laden was “American made” because of the foreign policy of America in Muslim lands for the last 50 years.
Sean like all on the American right refuses and I say again absolutely refuses to even consider the idea that America the bigger evil.

The reality that conservatives refuse to accept, is that for 40+ years America has implemented a foreign policy in the Middle East that has resulted in the death of millions of Muslims, the robbery of their oil and gas resources by American corporations in conclusion with dictators, the plunging of generations of Muslims into abstain poverty and other inhuman effects of American policy.

I wont go on long about the beginning of american foreign policy in the M.E. But quickly I will state that During the 60, 70s and 80s American administrations conducted numerous wars and military operations into Muslim countries in Asia and the Middle east which resulted in such American policy like the support of dictators in these countries like that of Mubarak in Egypt or Ben-Ali in Tunisia or Abdullah Saleh in The Yemen.
By supporting such dictators America quickly became hated by the muslim public who were being oppressed by these dictator friends of the US.

Now let’s come up to date with the history that most people will be aware of, In the 1980s during the Iraq/Iran war, Donald Rumsfeld as the representative of America started selling Saddam Hussein chemical weapons and other military technology because at this time Saddam was a friend of America whilst Iran was the enemy since the 70s when the ayatollah Khomeini came to power in Iran after his movement overthrew the American backed shah of Iran, America also tried to sell weapons to the Iran contras to overthrow the Iranian government this became know as the Iran-contra affair.
Also during the war Iraq supported by America with weapons, committed the genocide of Iraq’s kurdish population leaving 185,000 people dead. In the Public arena the Regan Administration condemned these actions but in reality done nothing to prevent it and in fact is part responsible for it by selling the WMDs to Saddam.

Then in 1990 Iraq-American relations worsened with Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait but not before giving Saddam the go ahead for the invasion in the first place, this invasion that America first supported led to another American led coalition invasion of Arab lands in what is known as the gulf war, this invasion although supported by Arab friends of America was disliked by the ordinary Arab citizen because to them it was just the US invading and killing Muslims again.

Staying on the Iraq, as we all know in 2003 after a long propaganda battle and refusal to accept international law America with its Cronies in the Financial markets and other countries being led by neo-con/liberal politicians illegally invaded Iraq and during a couple of days using it’s so-called tactic of “shock and awe” it managed to plunge Iraq back centuries, the shock and awe campaign involved dropping more bombs on Baghdad in a couple of days than was dropped during the whole of ww2.
During these few nights possibly 100,000+ people were killed it is still unclear exactly how many were murdered by American bombs.
Once America had turned Iraq to rubble it sent over Paul Bremer to lead the “reconstruction” of Iraq, the first thing done by Bremer done was to disband the Iraqi army which instantly left 500,000 militarily trained people unemployed and desperate to survive in this “new” Iraq, Bremer then outlawed the Baath party and made it illegal for former Baathists to be in politics, this resulted in Many former Baathists and unemployed soldiers setting up paramilitary in Iraq to fight the American invasion and destruction of their power but also their society these newly formed paramilitaries became what is now known as the “Iraqi insurgency”.
The fact of what happened to Iraq’s resources after the invasion is another reason for hatred of America in muslim lands, after the invasion, Iraq’s oil and gas was shipped out in the billions of barrels, by American corporations who were giving the oil contracts by Bush and Cheney, all the profits from these resources went straight back to the American treasury and American corporations, it did not go to the Iraqi government and people, something which the Iraqi people had expected would happen after the invasion.
This squandering of Iraq’s wealth and resources by “Western invaders” was greatly despised by the Iraqi population who after decades of misery under Saddam thought they would finally get a better life only to be plunged into, so far, a decade long life of poverty, war and desperation.

Another policy of the US that is greatly disliked by the Muslim world is the unrelenting support militarily, financially and politically the US has given to Israel.
As I wrote about before, America for over 30 years has backed Israels wars against the Muslim world because Israel is their number one client state. For years America has vetoed UN resolution 242 year after year which has stopped any attempt to bring peace and prosperity to the Palestinian people.
The US has supported, with weapons, money and words of support, Israels invasion and war against Lebanon through the decades, most recent being the Israeli war with Lebanon in 2006.
Plus the fact the US let’s Israel have Nuclear weapons illegally but invades Muslims countries when an attempt factually or not to acquire similar weapons. This lack of double standard towards Israel has, like most of American policy, caused a distrust from the Muslim world towards America.

Lastly let us look at Osama Bin Laden and why Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf was correct to say he was “american made”, Iman Feisal meant “American made” as in Osama Bin Laden was created as a response to bad American policy in the M.E.
I will go further and state it is a well-known fact that during the Soviet War In Afghanistan through the 70s and 80s. America supported Bin-Laden, Osama who was then  a young man from a wealthy Saudi family went to Afghanistan to fight and lead the mujahideen resistance against the Soviet army, and America through Zbigniew Brzezinski met him in Afghanistan to commit themselves to supporting Bin-Laden with weapons and money to defeat the Russians,. It is also well-known That during the 70s and right up till about 1989 Osama was on the payroll of the CIA this is a well-known fact, so when the Iman states Osama is “American made” he is correct twice over, first he’s American made because of bad policy and second he’s American made because of the support he received from the Whitehouse during his early fighting days.
I am not saying Osama worked for CIA during 2001 and that 9/11 was an inside job what I am saying is, that if it was not for America supporting him in his early days then he would never have being in a position to plan such a large-scale attack like 9/11
And also if America was not so brutal in their foreign policy towards the Middle East then 9/11 would not have happened, it is American foreign policy that caused a group of people to become so hateful as for them to commit such an attack.
Al-Qaeda isn’t against America because they are jealous of American freedom and wealth they are fighting America because of very bad American Policy which has literally killed millions of Muslims and Arabs in general !!

So I say once again Conservative America must come out of the closet of denial and accept the reality that America not only has responsibility for 9/11 but also that Osama Bin Laden is “American made” by means of past support and bad policy.

Thank you for reading

Author- Darren M