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Elect “Who?” as Labour Leader.

The three amigos of Burton, White and Gilmore.

The three amigos of Burton, White and Gilmore.

Jesus what a week in politics, best of all our former comrade Eamon Gilmore has relinquished the ropes of the masses, he is no longer the gallant warrior of the workers party, that’s right the Lenin of the Irish champagne socialist middle-class has stepped down as leader of the Irish Labour Party after seven years as top dog and three years in coalition with Fine Gael.

With Comrade Gilmore now gone it means one thing, someone must pick up were Lenin left off, sorry I mean Eamon, and resurrect the Labour Party as the party of the people.
Unfortunately as anyone with a glancing interest in Irish politics knows, this is now an impossible task and a task made even more impossible by the standard of candidates for leadership, have you seen it? its like, That woman with the voice? who? who? And Dick Spring’s nephew, are running for what?

Yeah serious, the choice for the next leader of Connolly and Larkin’s great socialist party is the groaning woman who cut the poor peoples welfare, some grey haired fella who’s always hanging around the back of Gilmore’s group and got a ministers position, some young fella nobody ever heard of apart from his two mates, and some ginger bloke hoping to put the spring back in to Labour, or in layman’s terms, Joan Burton, Alex White, Alan Kelly(Who is now apparently running for the Deputy) and Arthur ‘Yet Put His Hat in The Ring’ Spring.

This lack of quality choice means one inevitable thing, political suicide awaits the winner and possibly the next two party leaders after that.
Whoever it may be that wins the Labour leadership (Fingers crossed Burton) they are sure to follow a long line of political leaders who went down faster than their predecessor, party leaders whose impact was so great that we remember them as “Who?”.

This is what happens to parties who go through drastic change and lose vast amounts of popularity, for example some Irish leaders whose reign was cut short due to a slide in the polls and taking over from a more charismatic party leader are, Cowen after Ahern, Alan Dukes after Fitzgerald, Michael Noonan after John Bruton(however Noonan made a comeback during Enda’s reign), both Ruari Quinn and Pat Rabbite after taking over from Dick Spring, and now we are about to add another name to that list of pretenders because only a miracle could recover Labour’s vote and only a charismatic leader of Fidel Castro’s stature could keep the internal squabbles at rest and stabilise the party, however this is the Irish Labour Party we’re talking about and those currently at the top are lacking both miracles and charisma, so just as with the death of Lenin, with Eamon’s political death may come a purge of the old, as a new generation bursting with confidence and fresh “ideas” maneuvers its way to the top in an attempt to rescue Labour from the ashes of Sinn Fein and ‘OTHERS’ ballot papers.

Plus it’s mainly due to Joan Burton’s policies as Minister for Social Protection that Labour was wiped out, so the idea of now possibly allowing her to lead the party into the next general election(in a few months) is simply begging for complete annihilation, and those rebellious Labour politicians lurking on the backbenches know that more than anyone.

Do you get what I’m trying to say? Basically I’m saying who ever is next Labour leader is screwed.

By the way before I finish, will someone ever ask either Eamon Gilmore or the next Labour leader if, as Labour leader in a Fine Gael coalition they feel Vladimir Ilyich Lenin would have entered coalition with Benito Mussolini if that possibility had ever arisen? I’m just curious.


In Support of A Crack Smoking Mayor!


Politicians annoy me; seriously they really do! If you’ve ever met me you’ll realise that apart from far-left wingers I hate all political careerists, not personal hatred just ideological hatred. However I found myself surprised near the end of 2013 when one day I found myself writing a letter of support to a crack smoking, “pussy eating”, right-wing, Canadian Mayor.

Here’s how I ended up at this bizarre situation: I was sitting at home as usual and watching the news, when suddenly I heard that the Mayor of Toronto had been caught on tape smoking crack, I was shocked at first but took no notice as I, like most, assumed it would be over the next day and I would never hear the story again.

The next day came; I boiled the kettle and turned on Sky, there splattered across the screen was Mayor Rob Ford surrounded by starving journalists denying he had smoked crack cocaine. It’s at this point I began to take notice of the story and for the following two weeks I had no problem keeping up to date as the world’s biggest trolls-News Channels- had all dedicated hefty time-slots to the story.

As the story went on and Rob Ford’s public humiliation became the focus of all the news outlets my anger at the shameful ethics of our media, and ourselves for craving such public humiliations, began to grow, then one day when once again I was watching the ones-and-only Sky News I saw Rob Ford’s career destroyed in an instant, as he stood before the Toronto council, a council filled with depraved councillors, who acted like starving hyenas as they all rushed to speak and take their piece out of the dignity of a their Mayor. Here before me I saw a man’s career, reputation and privacy violated for the purposes of political opportunism by his opponents and it annoyed me.

I couldn’t take the political opportunist, the social hypocrisy and media trolling anymore so I put my humanitarian empathy ahead of my own personal left wing politics and sent Mayor Rob Ford an email of support- to let him know that, just because his political and media colleagues are acting like hyenas in their attempt to destroy him doesn’t mean that ordinary decent people around the world are like that, and in my opinion most decent people would sympathise with him, whether his actions at times were right or wrong.

We need to stop allowing our media and politicians from participating in devious smear campaigns that drag in every aspect of peoples life’s for the purpose of destroying that person. If the news channels are so concerned with “internet trolling” then they should look at themselves as they’re the OG’s of trolling, the original players of mass bullying.

Below is my email to MAYOR Ford and although it took him bloody ages , in fact over a month to reply, he managed to take a moment out of the madness that currently surrounds him and an unexpectedly short reply but he replied that’s what matters (It could be his assistant but who cares? the email says it’s him)