Americas Imperial Strategy During The Arab Spring

Obama and former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak during happier times

The hypocrisy and lack of double standards in American foreign policy never seems to amaze me, and it has done so once again recently in its policies towards the “Arab spring” and in regards to UN resolutions on the political turmoil in Syria and it’s criticism of China and Russia for vetoing these resolutions.
The US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice said she was “disgusted” by the action of China and Russia, but only a few months beforehand Susan Rice sat silently by and refused to applaud and vetoed Mahmoud Abass’s attempt to have a Palestinian state recognized in the UN!
This is what I find extremely hypocritical about Americas “disgust” at Russia and China’s action, it is the fact that America has Always being and still is the number one main user of vetoes in the UN, not to mention the shameful fact that for over 35 years they have vetoed UN resolution 242 which calls for and end to violence between Israel and Palestinians and the creation of a Palestinian state along the borders that existed before the 6 day war in 1967 between Israel and various Arab armies and the division of Jerusalem with east Jerusalem becoming a Palestinian capital, this resolution that America continues to veto year after year has resulted in the prolonging of the Palestinian struggle and has single handily helped to give a small nation like Israel the power to ignore international law and continue their upholding of such high crimes like that of the Gaza blockade or the military use of white phosphorus on civilians which is considered a war crime by international law, the main shame of allowing the client state of Israel be so ruthless is it has stopped any chance of peace in the region or for the creation of a Palestinian state.
This is the reality of American foreign policy and its lack of double standards , If you’re a client state like Israel, that safeguards American Interests in an unsafe region then you are giving a free pass to use methods such as to bomb, shoot, torture, occupy, illegally imprison and other inhuman tactics against either your own population or in the case of Israel, the people you illegally occupy.

On the other hand if you are like Syria who is not a client state of the US and if you pose a threat to American interests then you are not giving a free pass you become what is known as a “rogue state” a state that doesn’t hold American interests and principles at heart, and that must be either gotten rid off by using tactics such as military action internally(civil-war) by supporting opposition groups with money, training and weaponry like we seen In Libya with Gaddafi or Tunisia with Ben Ali [both of whom where politically, financially and militarily supported by Washington] Gaddafi was reluctantly supported this is why the US helped to get rid of him so fast , in order to install a more pro-American government in oil rich Libya.
Another well used tactic of the US imperial strategy around the world is to pacify the population at home by massive wave of pro-war propaganda and beginning an interventionist military war like what happened In Iraq and Afghanistan, That is of course only if your a tyrant despised by Washington, like that of Saddam Hussein whom from 1991 became an unwanted friend by the Washington elite,
Lets say your not tyrant hated by washing ton and you are a one who is pro-American like Hosni Mubarak in Egypt who for decades has being supported politically, financially and militarily by the United states, and who used American weapons against his own population when they rose up against him.
If you are In the case of Mubarak a”client tyrant” gone political burden, what America does is to begin the washington PR scheme on the public so it looks like its supporting the Egyptian people whilst also talking to Mubarak in Egypt.
It will also talk to both partys to negotiate a peaceful transition from dictatorship to “democracy”, The reason behind doing this is because it knows it cannot stop the Egyptian revolution and that eventually Mubarak will be overthrown, but it does not want to be tough on Mubarak because it fears if it acts tough on him then embarrassing could come out about it’s involvement in Egyptian politics and it’s support for dictatorships in the middle east.
Not only did it fear embarrassment it also feared who would come to power in Egypt, the reason Washington supported the status-quo in Egypt at the time was because it well knew and was quite happy about the fact they currently had a pro-American leader in the form of Mubarak, and that If he was overthrown a new leadership might appear that wasn’t quite as friendly towards American interests! We now see this fear has become fact with the election of various Arab nationalist partys in Egypt like the Muslim Brotherhood and so on, which has struck fear into the washington elite with the idea of this Arab party wanting to give power to the Arab people in a powerful Arab nation, in an oil rich country, America will not accept such independence from Arabs and already you can see the American medias propaganda machine spewing out anti-Egyptian information along with the anti-Muslim brotherhood information it has being broadcasting since the 1970s.

The Washington elite have no concern for the populations of any nations especially not Arabs and not even their own, their only concern is representing big American multi-national companies control over, and access to, the worlds main resources of oil, gas and so on, because the revenues  of these resources will then go back into the American treasury and increase the wealth, control and influence of America in the world, something Washington currently sees as its top priority because it fears and rightly the rising threat to their global dominance by the likes of China, Russia and India.

That is the hypocrisy and double standards of US foreign policy the fact it practices what it denounces and condemns when it chooses.

I apologize for the late publication of this article, I understand the topic is a month or two old but better later than never ! Thanks for reading

Author-Darren M


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