How Obama Hijacked The Wave Of Change

It was a cold day in the Capitol when Barack Obama the son of an American mother and an African father, was inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States, after a year of brutal campaigning first for the democratic nomination then for the presidential nomination Barack Obama became the first African-American US president, sweeping to victory on a message of HUGE “change”.

But did Obama, the man who became the American symbol of change and people power actually have anything to do with creating that grassroots movement of political change? or did Obama just ride to victory on a wave of other Peoples hard work?

There are political activists and intellectuals in America who have spent between 20-50 years building a grassroots movement of educating and getting people politically informed and active in the process and of creating a feeling of social and political change, all this grassroots work came together between 2006-2008 when after the worlds economies went into turmoil and millions of people where left unemployed, homeless, hungry and so on, societies wanted change and Americans wanted change, within weeks of the American economy crashing the number of people becoming involved in grassroots community organizations sky rocketed, you had people refusing to be evicted from their homes, you had workers taking control of their factories after their bosses went bust and tried to fire them, you had people rightly refusing to pay such loans to banks that failed, there was definitely a feeling of political change about to come, suddenly Americans had awoken from their political slumber and where now no longer going to let Uncle Sam walk all over them.

All this seemed like the people wanted America back, then sudden it was announced that an Illinois senator Barack Obama would try get the democratic nomination for president, on hearing this for the first time the American news media outlets like MSNBC, CNN and the rest of them done what the mouthpiece of any capitalist society would do, it took its opportunity, knowing quite well the overwhelming sense of change in the population and looking for a way to stop the people going too far left or right in politics, they made Obama the focus of politics by championing the idea of America having Its first black president, here was the media and establishments way of saying to the people “you want political change? Then vote Obama and you get the first black president”, it was a clear slap on the face to people who had worked so hard to get people politically educated and involved, Here was their hard work being hijacked by news outlets to uphold the current system of politics, and Obama’s team like any “smart” political team would do, is they seen this opportunity to also hijack the feeling of change, Obama crew just one day appeared and made themselves leaders of a movement they hand no hand in creating, they tried to make Obama out to be a good liberal social worker, but let’s be honest Obama only done 3 years working in a poor area of Chicago and it was simply pack his résumé so he could get into Harvard.

And now that he has hijacked somebody else’s hard work and being elected as a “change” politician he thinks he actually done something , Obama actually thinks he created a movement of change in people when in fact he just rode the wave of a movement created by working people over decades of abuse by the system he fully supports.

“If you think you’re a radical and you’re in you the mainstream then you should start asking yourself am I really a radical”-Noam Chomsky

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Author-Darren M


4 thoughts on “How Obama Hijacked The Wave Of Change

  1. Megan Ellis

    Interesting view. The world got caught up in the idea of change – after all he received a Nobel Peace Prize for just saying he was going to create peace.
    But with the current Republican presidential candidates, I can say I would choose Obama over them.

    1. Critical&Political Post author

      Yes it’s unfortunate people take the Nobel peace prize seriously after all its the most discredited award in existence, and I totally agree and the republicans are even worse so it leaves you no choice but to be suckered into obamas message of change ..
      Thanks for taking time to read my post

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