Mitt Romneys Presidential Addiction

What’s up with Mitt Romney’s craving to be president ? Why does he so desire to such a position? It is funny and sad, to watch Mitt be so obsessed with one thing the last ten years or more that is to become master of masters king of kings the President of the United states.

Is this wanting for such a position of power simply a case of billionaire looking to spend his money on something or is it darker is it a case of an ultra-competitive capitalist billionaire who seeks power satisfy his compulsive need for competition ? There is an old saying “you shouldn’t trust someone who wants power” ! Well Mitt Romney is more Ryan just wanting power he is craving it like a drug addict craves their drug of choice, in 2008 Romney spent millions to get the Republican nomination and failed, but unlike most people who would have given up after months of bitterness, hard work, personal attacks and financial losses, Mitt Romney decided he wanted to run again in 2012 and spend millions more to be elected and drag himself and his family through what will be a bitter campaign , and I ask all this for what ? The answer is so Mitt can satisfy his need for power and be top dog.
And as Mitt gets a step closer to the presidency you can see it in his face the smile gets more real , the craving to please everyone softens and the diplomatic attack ad Mitt comes out to play.

Should a man who strives so hard for power be trusted? Ask yourself come the election is mitt for the people or himself and his Crony-capitalist friends in the business sector and the halls of Washington!

Thanks for reading

Author-Darren M


3 thoughts on “Mitt Romneys Presidential Addiction

  1. Mashed Potato Bulletin

    Nice assessment and good questions we should be asking ourselves.

    You know, maybe he’s just so rich, living off his investments that he just has nothing else to do. “Eh, maybe I’ll just run for president again…and again…and again”. 🙂

    1. Critical&Political Post author

      Thank you. Yes it might sound like Its not a serious issue but remember with the position of President comes a lot of power and influence and questions should be raised about why Romney craves to be president so much, is it due to boredom with money or is there a darker side. Anyone who wants power so badly shouldn’t be trusted and people need to know that side of Romney.
      Again, thank your for taking time to read my post 🙂


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