Hilary Rosen Is Correct America Has A Working Class

Povertty in America

So the republicans are in uproar because Hilary Rosen rightly so stated Ann Romney never had work hard a day in her life.
I would like to point out what Hilary Rosen in my opinion means,  what Rosen means is Ann Romney is not working class and she never had to worry about struggling to feed her child on food stamps day in and day out, I agree Ann Romney never knew what it was like to rear children in an environment of abstain poverty and chronic drug and alcohol abuse, Miss Romney reared her children in the comfortable surroundings of mansions, pools, cars and money her husband Mitt Romney is a billionaire for Christ sake He wouldn’t know the difference between a food stamp and a postal stamp. Ann Romney had it easy very easy, yes it’s hard to rear children but it’s harder when you have nothing and it’s hell of a lot easier when you have everything like Ann Romney

The problem here is the American political and media classes fear of the word “working class” you never hear the media or politicians refer the what is the majority of people as working class they always say “middle class” or “blue collar” . Yes your middle class If you have a steady job and can happily feed, dress, house and educate your children, but what about the thousands if not millions of American citizens who cannot afford to feed, house, dress and educate their children, what are they ? They are what is referred to as “working class” the people who have being neglected by the system economically and politically, their the people the system, that the Romney’s benefited from, left to fend for themselves in the battle for the scraps, and they are the majority right now and Hilary Rosen was 100% correct to point out that Miss Romney never had to struggle to financially, and who never had to work as a parent and a wage slave,
A lot of people will refer to her cancer as a reason not to comment on her, I greatly admire Her battle to overcome cancer, but this is not about her personally this is simply about her financial and social background compares to that of a real working person so I hope nobody thinks I’m going to rough on her,

Thanks for reading

Author-Darren M


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