Michelle Malkin Cant Be Serious, But She Is


Ok, so it’s 2012 and not much has changed ! Most of America still takes Michelle Malkin seriously. I’ve being watching the wicked witch of the southeast for a couple of years and I am shocked most of the time by the boil propaganda that comes pouring out of her mouth, however recently I have not heard much from Michelle, that was until I tuned into hannity Wednesday night and god behold there she was, looking as ferocious and sounding as dumb as usual. The interview on Hannity was between Sean and Michelle in one corner and Tamara Holder a soft liberal in the other corner, the debate if u can call it such was about unemployment rates and obviously because Hannity and Malkin see things in black and white they ganged up on Holder and claimed Obama is a disaster and should go because the overall rate of unemployment is higher than when he first took office, Tamara Holder tried to correctly point out their ignorance of bigger picture, that the unemployment rates have gone down every year of Obamas term, which was shouted down and laughed at by Hannity and Malkin like two big bullies picking on the smarter kid in their class. See this is a tactic of Fox News, every time they have a dominant subject about Obama with a soft female democratic guest they bring in Michelle malkin, she is like a starved pit-bull waiting to devour her guests by spitting out, half truths, no truths, misquotes and bullshit. In any rational arena her lies and views would be laughed at, but not on planet Fox, you see on planet Fox Malkin is taking as a serious political commentator almost like a philosopher for the Ignorant-right, at the same time writing books at incredible speed making a mint of money.

On immigration Michelle supports taking strong measures to limit immigration, this I find incredibly funny because Michelle is the child of Filipino immigrants who came to America for an education and better life, if the Michelle of their day had their way then her parents wouldn’t have came to America and Michelle would be now living in the Philippines probably in a comfortable life but who knows probably in a squabble in the streets of Manila, its amazing how Michelle’s ignorance even extends to herself. She wants poor immigrants like her parents who are trying escape a miserable life OK some poverty stricken country to be denied the same rights she and her parents where rewarded, What a b***h.

Michelle says liberals or left wingers are demeaning of women particularly conservative women ! Yes have you spotted what she’s done ? She has indeed just rewritten history, Because it is actual apart of the traditional conservative beliefs not liberal or left that wants women to be stay at home moms and second class citizens under the control of the husbands with no rights and self independence, It was people of the left who campaigned for womens rights, women of the earliest feminist movements where working class and upper class socialists, mill workers, aristocratic daughters and so on, it wasn’t the right who emancipated the female it was the women of the left and working class communities who self emancipated themselves by rejecting the conservative belief system for which Michelle Malkin thinks is so great to women and the world in general.

She has no humility or respect for those who disagree with her quasi-fascist beliefs , she conjurs up an expression of deep hate when an opponent speaks, she grinds her teeth and squirms her lips as if to try intimidate the public audience, she shouts opponents downs so they can’t be heard, she is always backed up on fox by Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly who are masters of cutting the Mic and lowering the sound.

Michelle is a buffoon who shouldn’t be taking seriously her views on most things are highly skewered to favor her far right-wing beliefs and are not factual they are pure propaganda for the republican party and corporatism. She uses a disgusting anti-journalistic tactic of conjuring up fear in the public in order to sell her books and be taking seriously. I write this because I am fed up with Michelle Malkins nonsense, if it was a small audience she had I wouldn’t mind but she has a huge audience and someone who speaks so much boiling hatred can become a dangerous person giving enough credibility !

This is small , thanks for reading

Author-Darren M


One thought on “Michelle Malkin Cant Be Serious, But She Is

  1. danielwalldammit

    I don’t think most of America takes Malkin seriously, but enough conservatives find her useful at any rate to keep her in the public eye. Unfortunately, the rancid pile of puss isn’t going anywhere soon.


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