Why Do We Give The Pope Credibility?

This will be part personal outrage part journalism.

So today I awoke to find some more news floating around that smelt to me as coming 100% from the arse of an ignoramus, So I went to Google and wallah I was correct, apparently the ignoramus in question is the Pope (again). So this time, for the 500th time, the Pope is concerned for humanity’s future if lgbt people are allowed to marry and express their deep love for one another. This in any rationally minded conversation would be laughed out of the debate ,he says same sex marriage would “threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself,” such ridiculous rationality should be scorned upon by any normal sane person or society.

Right so lets try and understand this, Benedict 16 feels that two men or two women being allowed to marry would be such a travesty it would range on the scale of danger to that of nuclear weapons, War, Capitalism or rampant child abuse in religious denominations. Such a view is ridiculous and everyone knows it, but because Josef Ratzinger says it then it has credibility. So I ask why do we give this man credibility? he heads the worlds largest criminal enterprise which over the century’s has raped, beaten, murdered, starved, and destroyed the life’s’ of millions of young children, women and also men, some children as young as 7months where left to die by this institution through starvation and beatings. In any moral society such a man would be scorned upon, him and his outdated views of life and society.

Lets look at a few things The Pope in said in his speech, firstly he said in relation of marriage that “Pride of place goes to the family, based on the marriage of a man and woman,”, right lets get this clear a family is a grouping of people through bloodline or social ties, it does not require a female and male couple to create a family, it simply needs a grouping of people, But lets take the ignoramus’s view that family is man and woman and cant exist with a same-sex couple, If that was correct then what about all these gay couples around who have either had children through surrogate mother or adoption ? surely these family’s couldn’t exist and would destroy themselves in a second like two atoms trying to fit into the same space?, Nooo! The fact is children of gay couples are mentally and physically no different than the children of a straight couple or single parent family, So gay family’s pose no treat to the “traditional family values”

Ok so  look at another part of his speech , Benedict, said, “This is not a simple convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society,” he continued. “Consequently, policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself.” , I think it is time Benedict woke up and smelt the daisies , it has being a good 20 years since his views of society was actually societies views!

Society has moved on we are more educated, more tolerant and in less need of morons like the Pope having credible opinions. He also has some audacity to claim anyone or anybody is a treat to humanity when you consider the organisation he heads, I stated before they have murdered and raped millions of men women and children, the current pope himself is a criminal , when he was Archbishop of Freising he helped conceal the sexual and physical abuse of children by certain priests, He also played a role when he was prefect for doctrine of the faith, in trying to conceal the emerging evidence of sexual and physical abuse of children and women around the world which was emerging through the 90s. This man has no right to judge anyone’s morals or how society works, what he says should be scorned upon and laughed out of the debate, Any other person would be so why not The Pope.

It is 2012 we no longer need uneducated ignorant baboons being taking serious when it comes to  social commentary , the people we should be listening to are the likes of scholars Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Tariq Ali, Christopher Hitchens or comedians like Bill Hicks, Dara O’Briain, or scientists like Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking, Sylvester James Gates and so on . these are the real credible social commentators , the pope has no right to be taking serious when all he does is preach well known nonsense which is Christianity. When will we rid ourselves of that social rule which says “you repeat a lie long enough it beciome truth” ? because all the pope is doing is repeating a well known lie so it is about time we stop taking him serious. Im glad he said gay marriage is a treat to humanity because if we know anything about the Pope it’s that he is always wrong.

Thank You For Reading

Author-Darren M


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