Libya! The Battle For Capitalism.

Here I will try and explain my view of how western capitalism started, conducted and succeeded in overthrowing a non capitalist Arab government in an oil rich country where great profits are to be made.

It all started many years ago but it was not till the people of Tunisia decided to rebel against their authoritarian regime, that the western capitalists got their opportunity to finally overthrow “some” Arab governments especially the authoritarian regimes in oil rich countries like Libya. Why did the western capitalists want to overthrow such regimes? well simple the region where these regimes exist is the most oil resourceful region in the world, and many of these Arab leaders refused to allow western companies to be involved in the production and selling of the oil in theses Arab nations; instead like that of the Libyan case, the oil was kept in the control of the Arab governments usually only resulting in making the main leaders extremely rich.

This decision by Arab leaders to snub the western capitalists ultimately resulted in their downfall. Just look at the price of oil today! before Gaddafi fell the price of oil was extremely high in the west because of a decrease in production and resources but now since Gaddafi has fallen and the west can now get its hands on Libyan oil the prices have immediately gone down, something which reminded me of the Iraq war, when the United States invaded Iraq oil prices plummeted because of the new resource of oil. Another clear case of Capitalist interest in these Arab revolutions is the fact the only countries it is interested in is oil countries, the west has given no help to the Syrian people, not only because they fear Syria but because Syria is not an Oil producing country. This lack of double standards towards democracy is also evident in the western media’s coverage of the middle-east conflicts and their coverage of similar events happening in the western world.

In the western world people like the “Arab Revolutionaries” are described as thugs hooligans and criminals, why? because in the west working people rebelling through rioting is a threat to the established capitalist government and the capitalist economic system so the best way to discredit these western working peoples legitimate concerns is to describe them as “mindless thugs”, criminals and gangsters. But in the middle-east the same kind of people are described as revolutionaries because they are working for capitalism which means they get full freedom and legitimacy in the mass media.

All this sleazy capitalist interest is evident if you have a basic knowledge of politics and capitalism and if you open your eyes to the truth. This new National Transitional Committee I can assure you have being for months holding secret talks with the big western media and oil companies to create a deal whereas the west will give the Arab Revolutionaries full support in the western media and the western political scene, on the condition the revolutionaries give western countries access to Libya’s oil resources. I previously wrote a related article on how sky news and NewsCorp in general have covered the Libyan conflict to show how the mass media can generate manufactured consent amongst the public by telling half truths and biased reporting which has being a key tool in the media war on Libya. If you take the time to look you will easily see this sleazy politics are involved in this current war in Libya.

I must make the point clear I do not support Gaddafi I just support the media doing its job properly and not helping to cover up the true reasons of the west support for such revolutions. I would be happy if the Libyan’s kept full control of their resources especially the oil but if history is anything to go by then i can be confident that the west is only interested in the oil and not the rights of the Libyan’s, If they really cared about the Libyan’s then why did it take over 30years for them to do anything against Gaddafi ? simply because up till the financial recession the west didn’t need Libya’s oil.




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