Finally Sky News Defeats Gaddafi !

An Image From A Sky News Report On Libya

Finally the Commander in Chief of the Libyan rebels, Sky News , has finally got the pictures it has wanted for months.

Okay so Sky News is not really the commander in chief of the Libyan rebels, but if your from Ireland or Britain or you have had access to Sky coverage the last few months you would have thought that Sky was running the uprising, with them always seeming to have first access to the rebel leaders and territory taking by the rebels and always giving hours of top coverage to it while ignoring the bigger dictators in the world. I have a thing for watching news channels owned by NewsCorp just to watch in amazement at their un-journalistic tactics and dumbing down of news, so you can imagine i have being watching Sky a lot to see their coverage of the Libyan conflict. And since the very start Sky has being right behind the rebels ,they have being releasing daily one sided reports and having only supporters of the rebels on their talk shows which goes against the fundamental journalist rule of non biased.

So for months Sky News has had up to 5 reporters stationed in Libya daily reporting on the situation in different parts of Libya, we see their reporters going around in very safe rebel areas wearing bullet proof jackets and helmets , all for camera effect. We see them following lines of rebels in jeeps to the “front line” , talking to anti-Gaddafi supporters while ignoring the pro-Gaddafi supporters. Sky has waited months to get their pictures of rebels celebrating victory in Tripoli and to put their reporters right there with the rebels to make their viewers see the reporters as heroes, also by not telling their viewers the full story they can project themselves as a supreme news channel by avoiding any embarrassment for the rebels and ultimately themselves because of their over energized support.

And if you have being watching Sky during the rebel victory you will have noticed the anchor openly promoting the fact that Sky is right there “imbedded” with the rebels and that Sky has got the best pictures of the victory just like they wanted. When news channels are more interested in pictures than democracy and truth you know there is something wrong.

NewsCorp What a load of rubbish !!




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