A New Egypt! A New Palestine ?

Netanyahu and Mubarak

It is 6 months since the overthrow of the American and Israeli backed Egyptian authoritarian regime of Hosni Mubarak by a people’s revolution. During the Mubarak regime Egyptian politics was a cold house for pro-Palestinian activists because of a peace deal between Israel and the powers that ran Egypt back in the 1970s. Since then it has being almost impossible to gather Pro-Palestinian consensus amongst the Powers in Egypt, especially since the start of the Mubarak regime in 1981.

Mubarak’s regime was highly supportive of Israel since its inception, especially when you consider the regimes lack of double standards when it came to Israeli Terrorism versus Palestinian terrorism, Its support and implementation of the blockade of Gaza because of Palestinian rocket attacks into Israel is evidence of double standards because they helped punish an entire people for a minority’s military attacks, while they sat back and done nothing when Israel committed war-crimes in Gaza.

He refused to allow humanitarian aid to pass easily through Egypt, the times it did pass through was because of hardened no-nonsense international activists. The Mubarak regime assisted Israel in punishing the Palestinian people and prolonging the conflict that still last to this day.

But now the Mubarak regime is gone and there is a new “peoples” government will the decade’s old unmentioned war on the Palestinians end? Will the blockade of Gaze on the Egyptian side be lifted by this new popular pro-Palestinian government in order to free and help the brothers in Palestine? And will it then force Israel and America to rethink their policy on Palestine and call for peace, after all Egypt is a big powerful player in the middle east and they are of American and Israeli economic and strategic interests. Or will Israel and America get it their way once again and force the new Egyptian government into upholding the blockade of Gaza and the old Mubarak regimes policies?

If the new Egyptian government has any leadership within it then they will stand up to Israel and America so they can end the blockade of Gaza and bring a little hope to the abandoned people of Palestine. With the international community behind them the new Egyptian government should force Israel into finally having to accept United Nations law and adopt resolution 242 which calls for an end to the conflict based on a 2 state resolution with Israel returning to its pre 1967 borders with the exception of west Jerusalem. If they don’t use their sovereignty then the Israel/Palestine conflict will continue and innocent people will continue to suffer because of politician’s cowardice.




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