The Osama Files. How Obama Created A Conspiracy

President Obama announces death of Bin Laden

The conspiracy theorists have being going wild the past few months and I don’t blame them.

On May 2nd 2011 one of the great conspiracy theories of the century was created, it all happened after President Barack Obama announced he would not be providing pictures of a dead Osama Bin Laden the world’s most wanted man and leader of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organisation who since the late 90s had being in hiding from the US government, but it wasn’t till a dreadful day on September 11th 2001 when 2 hijacked aircraft’s crashed into the world trade centres and killed thousands of innocent people that Osama became known to the majority of the world and the hunt for him began.

For 10 years the world has wondered were Osama was and if he was still alive. Attempts were made to capture him in the mountains of Tora Bora in December 2001 but US forces failed to capture him. His location after the battle of Tora Bora became unknown and the search slowed down to near existence during the Bush administration. But after the election of Barack Obama a new search started with more vigour and determination to catch Osama (as we are made to believe). Then on May 2nd 2011 that search allegedly ended when news began to break around the world that Osama Bin Laden had being killed in a US military operation.

Immediately every news channel wondered if the United States would release images or video of the operation and a dead Osama. We all waited hours in my case till the early morning to see evidence of the death, we all had the thought of??”Surely they have to show evidence to prove to the world he is dead, after all its Osama Bin Laden”. Then the announcement came that the United States would not release pictures of a dead Osama and that Osama had being buried at sea an hour before the announcement. We were all shocked, how could you not show a picture of a dead Osama to prove he is dead?
This is when the conspiracy world went crazy and one of the great conspiracy theories was created because by not producing the evidence straight away Obama has forever made it impossible to produce credible proof that will end the conspiracy’s because to the conspiracy theorists you can’t trust the US with evidence for an hour in-case they Photoshop it so don’t worry about trusting the US with evidence for weeks, months and years.

The Osama death will forever be talked about in conspiracy terms like that of the death of Hitler or the shooting of JFK and to the more recent phenomenon of 9/11 conspiracy’s.
So remember May 2nd 2011 as the day the Osama conspiracy started.

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