How The Mainstream Controls Us !

The mainstream, from media to fashion to fame mainstream controls what the majority of us eat, watch, wear, drive, and buy. When we see celebrity’s with a new style haircut or dress style it suddenly becomes popular and enters the mainstream. But whose decision is it to mainstream something is it the public , is it the mainstream itself by using mass media to get customers to buy what they want the customer to buy?.

The mainstream is where something is extremely popular amongst the public and is positively promoted by the mass media to the extent of making some people extremely rich. But is the mainstream a good thing? Does it enjoy killing of difference and uniqueness, for example I am a big Bob Dylan fan he is simply the greatest recording musician ever and I always say had Bob Dylan being trying to make it in his style these days he would never be successful or win shows like American Idol. To me it is clear that the mainstream doesn’t like difference because it simple if they did thin nothing would be mainstream except difference and selling in smaller quantity’s makes less profit.

So let’s move away from mainstream fashion and look at mainstream media. The media such as The Fox News Channel, ABC, CNN and so on it all western nations openly and clearly support and are cheerleaders for capitalism. You look at American media and every time someone with a different view to that of the Washington view is verbally assaulted, degraded, called a lunatic and so on, You look at the mainstream media’s coverage of the Afghanistan war and especially the Iraq war were now it has become public knowledge that they hid the truth to what was happening in Iraq from the public knowledge. That they called the tightly run Florida race between Gore and Bush a half hour before the actual call which to some people influenced the outcome making George Bush president, by the way Florida governor at the time was Jeb Bush , George Bush’s brother. They also help in America to dumbing down the population by useless information, reality tv, cartoons, and cop shows and they openly support in most cases creationism over evolution, a fundamental piece of knowledge everyone should believe but don’t because mainstream media says its wrong.

Let’s take an example from outside the United States. In Venezuela there is a political and social divide between the mostly native and poor in one camp and the some of the European settler decent who became rich during the 50s, 60s, 70s Oil production in Venezuela in the other camp. In 1998 an army general of native and poor background called Hugo Chavez became president of Venezuela standing on a socialist ticket promising to nationalize the oil company’s in Venezuela and share the profit among the poor through social projects. Well this didn’t go down with the minority of mostly European decent population who had profited greatly by owning the oil company’s and now were left with no real ownership of Venezuela’s oil and political power, but one thing they held on to was ownership of 90% of Venezuela’s media and great sums of money, so with this in mind many of the political and trade union leaders on the rich side led by Pedro Carmona decided to plan a coup d’état against Hugo Chavez by using the private media to falsely make it seem on tv that Chavez supporters shot at Carmona supporters, which got the army involved and Hugo Chavez was arrested and Pedro Carmona was installed as president of Venezuela which was supported by the United States who even released a statement of support . But the media, Carmona and USA failed in their coup d’état after presidential guards rescued Hugo Chavez returned him to power after thousands of Chavez supporters protested about the coup d’état outside the presidential palace. Pedro Carmona went into exile with help of the United States.

This is an example of how the mainstream uses as Noam Chomsky says “Manufacturing Consent” to manipulate the public into supporting what the rich and powerful want the public to support. Remember don’t believe what the mainstream says research for yourself and find the truth, believe what you see not what you’re told and don’t live and think like everyone else because the mainstream wants you to , be your person and think for yourself we are all human but all different.



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