Suicide Bombing ! A Tool Of The Poor And Desperate !

Afghan Children In Kabul

Suicide bombing ! Is it as we are told a weapon of the religious fundamentalists who have sick minds and want to destroy the west? or is it a weapon of the extremely poor who have being reduced to acts of desperation in order to try break free of decades and is some cases century’s old internal and external oppression ? In the west it is the norm to associate suicide bombing as a weapon of the sick minded even when the poverty and oppression is obvious in the situation. We never for one second have the mainstream media investigate the possible links between suicide tactics and oppression and poverty! WHY ? is it because the mainstream media which is 90% privately owned wants the public to believe that the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine is necessary because these “terrorists” are so evil that they use suicide bombing to murder people, just so they can keep the interests of the western multi-national company’s who have economic interests in the middle east ?

Lets imagine America is an extremely poor and oppressed country with huge amounts of oil and poppy but the wealth of that huge amount of oil and poppy resources are going into the pockets of billionaire Afghans and Iraqis and the governments of various middle eastern country’s. So Americans being patriotic people rise up against this plundering of their resources by the Afghanis and Iraqis but Iraq and Afghanistan being the most powerful nations on earth decide to invade and destroy the infrastructure of America in order to keep their interests safe.

Would the American people who have gone generations under extreme poverty and oppression start using suicide tactics as a last resort to remove the torn of oppression or would they do the opposite and give up on the fight against oppression ? I am pretty sure Americans and all peoples would do the same thing.

These people have nothing else to fight with that is why they use the unfortunate and arguably wrong tactic of suicide bombing. In my judgement it is not a tool of the crazy and hateful it is a tool of the extremely poor and oppressed who have being forced to take desperate acts so there people can be free ! Give them an extremely rich economy and infrastructure and modern powerful armed force and I am sure they would fight the same way as the American armed forces. But most likely if they were rich nations with modern infrastructure and equal say in world affairs then the Wars wouldn’t be happening.



6 thoughts on “Suicide Bombing ! A Tool Of The Poor And Desperate !

  1. ericpgranada1

    RIGHT YOU ARE! suicide bombing is a tool of the poor and desperate brainwashed into believing they will be awarded with 70 virgins in heaven

    1. Critical&Political Post author

      Well the 70 virgins is a bit far fetched , something used as propaganda by tge media like fox and so on to make them look foolish, most Muslims dont believe that it’s just like most Christians don’t believe in garden of Eden, or snakes taking or spending eternity in heaven after death. Ithink it’s a bit narrow minded to jump the the conclusion that Muslims will kill theirselves foe virgins,

  2. ericpgranada1

    My Muslim friends don’t believe in the 70 virgins either. And I, also. The hardcore fanatics blinded by fundamentalism does.

    1. Critical&Political Post author

      Ye but their is hardcore fanatics in America too just look at the Mississippi conservative today who called for gays to be put to death, people in these 3rd world countries don’t join groups lik al-Qaeda because they want 70 virgins, they join these groups as a way to break out of the centurys pls external and internal oppresion they have grown up with, I ask you this, if you were an Iraqi or afghan who has witnessed destruction Of your country and murder of your countrymen on a massive scale would you too not resort to any means neccesary to gain your freedom and freedom of your people??


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