Ireland ! Where People Get Imprisoned For Tv license But Bankers Who Stole Billions Go Scot Free !!

Criminal Sean Fitzpatrick

Ireland! Where The Rich Can Be Criminals!

Today I was in a Dublin working class area, an area that has being left in neglect and poverty by the state, when a middle aged woman whom i know starts talking to me.

She was saying that she had just being released from Mount joy Prison after serving a day sentence for not paying for a television license, because she simply has not got the money due to the fact that she is a single parent of 3 children and lost her job recently because of the corrupt bankers destroying the economy.

So here we have an innocent hard working woman struggling to pay for her children’s survival because she comes from a working class area that since the 50s has being left to neglect by the state, a place where drugs run wild but the government couldn’t care less about the people of these estates.

What really angers me about this incident is the fact rich cats like Sean Fitzpatrick who plundered billions and billions of peoples savings, investments, and government money for their own selfish greed, and yet these people have still not even being sentenced to a one day imprisonment like the imprisonment of the lady for a tv license worth 170 euro.

Why is it okay to humiliate the real hard working people like the lady i met? people whose whole life has being a struggle to survive because they work relentlessly for nothing and when times are bad are left unemployed trying to survive on 188 euro a week in a society that charges 188euro to live for 3 days food, but the billionaires who work very little and plunged the world into a recession don’t even have to suffer the faith of poverty like that of the people they ruined.

Why has not one Irish banker felt the arm of the law? Is it because, if they are brought before the courts then the truth will come out about the corruption within the Fianna Fail government? Are politicians blocking justice for the people by defending their own interests by helping the banking criminals go scot free ?

It is an insult to the Irish people especially the working class and lower middle class that these men are free, because people know in these communities that had it being one of their own then the person would be dragged before the courts and giving a hefty prison sentence . The government needs to takes its hand out of the pockets of the multi-millionaires and billionaires and start fighting for the people by supporting the justice system against any person of any class.

In Ireland you’re more likely to face a prison term for stealing a pack of crisps than you are if you steal billions of euro and help send the world into a recession . I ask is this reality im living in or a dream because if it is reality then we as societies need to put our foot down and say enough is enough and imprison these criminals instead of imprisoning innocent single mothers because they can’t afford a television license .

We want Justice! Imprison the real criminals of the political and financial sphere instead of the working people who have done no real criminal activity except trying to survive in hard times created by the rich who are still rich.




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